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Having trouble with the game? Chances are theres's an easy solution. Please see if your issue is listed below before contacting Pishtech for support:

The game won't start on Windows 8 or Windows 10?

Right click on the shortcut to the game and select "troubleshoot compatibility", then "this game works on an earlier version of Windows". After you do this once Windows will automatically use that mode to start the game in the future.

Didn't receive your activation code after registering?

Check your junk-mail folder. Sometimes the activation code messages get mistaken for spam.

Getting an error message about a missing DLL file?

You need to update DirectX on your computer. Click here to download and install the update.

Game quits when you save settings or return to the bait shop?

Windows is blocking the program when it tries to save files. Please make sure your Windows user profile has the rights to change files in the folder where the game is installed. Also try right-clicking on the icon to start the game, and select "Run as administrator".

Seeing a black screen or strange graphical issues?

Try updaing your video card driver. For ATI cards visit and for NVIDIA cards visit

Still having trouble?

Drop us an email at Please be sure to describe the details of the problem you're having, and tell us what version of the game you're running, and on what operating system. The more information you can provide, the more quickly we can help solve the problem.


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