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VR Sportfishing for Windows

Note: This is an older product, and while it still works on most current computers, it uses a 3D engine that is no longer supported. Updates to VR Sportfishing are no longer being published. The last published update is available here.

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Our newest fishing game - This highly realistic full 3D fishing simulation is rapidly gaining new fans! Now with more lakes, more species of fish, live bait, realistic changing weather, dynamic lighting and even night fishing!


Very realistic graphics
A full day/night cycle
Changing weather
Control over your view, including first-person
10 lakes with a wide variety of habitat
Bass, pike, muskies, walleye, panfish and trout
Challenging tournaments
Spinning and baitcast rods and reels
Over 4,000 different lure variations
Live bait fishing
Realistic boating, including electric trolling motors
An amazingly realistic fish locator
Accurate fish behavior for weather, seasons, etc.
Fishing guide provides expert advice
Support for Virtual Reality displays

Click here for a VR Sportfishing video

What people are saying:

- "The most realistic and challenging fishing game I've ever seen"
- "It's about time we get a REAL fishing sim! Thank you, Pishtech!"
- "The game is full of surprises, just like real fishing. At a time when other companies are silent on the fishing front, you've set the new standard. Thank you for creating this great game."
- "When I got my boat, I went surface popper fishing and it was just like being on my favorite lake! I caught two nice bass with the popper. I love this game"
- "Fishing a tournament in the rain was so realistic I had to put on a sweatshirt to fight off the chills"
- "A great fishing-game with very realistic fish-behavior. It's a great adventure to get the big ones. Beginners can learn very much for real fishing."
- "VR Sportfishing is worth getting excited about! Still in Betatest mode, it is already the best fishing game I have ever played on my computer!! Believe it! ... I love to use surface lures in real life, and this game is the next best thing to that. Last night, I tossed my surface frog lure to a little bass, only to have a huge pike come out of nowhere and take it instead! Very cool! Rapala Pro? FLW Tournament, Bass Masters? This game beats them all!"


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