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Your current version is shown on the bottom right corner of the main menu of the game. If that's older than the latest update, click the link below to download the zip file and open it. Copy all the files into the folder where you have the game installed.

Update to Build 142 (update only - must have game installed):
Click to download

This update includes:

Fix for fish disappearing in certain situationscrash when a fish lingered at the bottom edge of the screen.
Bug fix to prevent large fish from swimming off the screen.
Additions to fish codes - More detail for fly pattern, outing, rod weight, corrected date.
Content of all previous updates

Earlier updates include:

Support for GoLive2 Stix controllers.
Enhanced and tunable casting physics.
Support for up to 1,000 installed outings instead of original limit of 100.
Scanning for errors in any custom content that's installed.
Fix for 1 pixel line flashing on edge of screen in some screen modes.
Support for up to 30 customized fly boxes.
Feature to let you select an outing based on the species you want to fish for.
Performance improvements. Some newer computers experience severe mouse lag on the menu screens, and some newer graphics cards caused the fishing scene to run very slowly. These have both been fixed.
Fixed a bug causing text to overlap in the outing records screen.
Made the reeling function the same for the Experienced skill level as it does for the Expert skill level.
Fixed a bug causing some fish to fight past the shoreline.
Tuned fish fighting strength and stamina.
Changed reel function in Expert level to take in line at any tension level and prevent drag from working while cranking the reel.
Simulated the chance for tippet damage during a fight. Improved realism of hook slip-offs to happen less often and mostly during a jump or when line is slack. Fixed bug that was keeping fish from fighting with realistic strength.
Fixed bug in displaying total inches caught during challenge mode fishing.
Increased maximum number of fish groups per site or outing from 10 to 15.
Increased maximum number of hatches per site or outing from 10 to 15.
Fish lengths to the 1/100 of an inch
Fix for bug identifying wrong fly used in fish records
Support for enhanced fish feeding behavior in custom outings
Fix for black screen after using Alt-Tab to switch windows
Ability to install and register on a removable hard drive or flash drive
"G" keyboard shortcut to turn guide advice on and off
Support for custom outings.
Fix for bug when changing resolutions.
Fix for fish tending to fight to the left.
Improved behavior of large fish fighting on light line.
Fix for fly selection advice given while fighting a fish.
Enhanced diagnostics for tech support cases.
Feature to create score_log.txt file with all fish and challenge score codes.
Fix for fish codes in add-on outings.
Fix for long fish names overlapping other text in outing records.
Fix for handling outing records in special circumstances.
Enhancement of fish codes and challenge score codes to include date.
Changed fish code font to avoid confusion between U and V characters.
Updated challenge score screen to show calculation for skill level bonus.
"D" keyboard shortcut to dry out flies (using reconditioner.)
Fix for occasional crashes on some computers.
Fix for bug causing extra line to strip out when fly drags bottom.
Fix for issue preventing catching crappie.
Support for custom rod and line color through configuration files.


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