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Wayward Fly Fishing wrote:
"Even the highest quality software games create distance between yourself and the software fantasies unfolding on the screen. Not so with this fly fishing game. Suddenly, the distinction between sitting safely in your office and standing in a creek (or raging river or ocean) is not quiet so clear."
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"Is it an enjoyable past time when you can't be out on the water? For Sure. Could a novice fisherman or fly tier actually learn something using this software? Absolutely - A new fly fisher could learn a lot about reading water, fly tying and even timing a cast from playing this simulation. Is it an entertaining diversion? Yes. We like the idea of fly fishing the Madison River in our boxer shorts during February. Finally the biggest question of all, would we pay for it? Yes... and we can be real cheapskates."
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Hooked On Flies wrote:
"The guide advice, the sounds of the running water, the fish rising, the variety of realistic streams and lakes, the fly selection, the varieties of trout, etc. It is so fun. But don't make the mistake of thinking it's just a game. No way. This is also a fun educational tool for beginners and novices alike. I'd recommend this software to fly fishermen of all levels."
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Rackelhanen magazine wrote:
"...this game could be a nice way to spend some rainy days or in long winter evenings. I was also surprised of how good the graphices was, far better than any other fishing game I ever came across."
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Trout Fisherman Magazine wrote:
“Real World Fly Fishing PC game gets the nod over its competitor FlySim because of its realistic settings and the wealth of varied beats. …huge fun…”


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