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Here's what our customers are saying about Real World Fly Fishing:

“I have been flyfishing since the 1950's and I have never spent that amount on my fishing habit that I have enjoyed more than the Real World Fly Fishing program.” – Kerry Evans, Colorado

“This is a better game. This game is much better than flysim hands down. More realistic surroundings, a lot more flies to choose from, more rivers to fish from. You can use a force feedback joystick to feel the fish. It is easier to cast in this game also. I have flysim also, but I rarely play it because Real World Fly Fishing is so superior.”- Bill, Missouri

This is just what this fisherman needed to put a smile back on my face. Winter sure has been long and the 6 weeks until our season opens will go by more quickly now that I have this game to occupy me. It's hard to shut it off, though, when I don't know what the next location around the bend will be - just like the real thing!!” – KV, Canada

This is a fantastic game. My wife and daughter bought the game for me for Christmas because they know I love fly fishing. I hooked a big brown just a few minutes ago, put up a fight on my 5 wt. and ended losing him after about 15 minutes, got anxious and broke the line (almost too real - haha). Had to be over the 21 inch, my biggest brown so far.” – Mike, USA

The realism… is the best that's ever been, and the pictures of the fish, streams, and countryside are stunning, making the graphics of this game far ahead of any other fishing game/simulator that is available.” – “Caveman”, Colorado

“I installed the game, and in a word..... wahoooooo. I'm actually learning how to fly fish… Bought it, downloaded and installed it, and started fishing. Suddenly, all the confusing things I was reading fell into place. I caught 13 fish on my first outing, and I'm now hooked on RWFF and real fly fishing.” “Pegleg”, Ohio

“…so realistic that I can honestly say I actually caught myself a couple of times checking the banks for bears as I do when I'm really fishing” – Reg, Canada

This is an incredible product. I have learned more about fly fishing in one afternoon of using this simulation then all the books and guides out there. I am a Professor and I understand how one educates - you really have done this with this product. You should be very proud of this product. I will spread the word as much as I can.” – Wes, Florida

“What a fantastic game - beats anything on any games console. I would recommend it to all fishermen.” – Collin, Colorado

This is truly a great game, and will surely make me a better fly fisherman and fly tyer!” - Doug, United Kingdom

WOW, what a cool fly fishing simulation. This game is incredible. It is extremely close to the real thing. This is the best fishing SIM I have seen yet.” – Troy, Colorado

“This is the best fishing game I've seen to date. I shall definitely recommend it to my friends. – Billy, United Kingdom


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