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These add-ons require the full version of Real World Fly Fishing, Third Edition. Please be sure to update your installation of the game before installing add-ons.

Download the file for an add-on. Open the zip file, select "file", "Extract all", and select the folder where you have the game installed. Usually that's c:\program files\pishtech\real world fly fishing. Extract all the files. If it asks you if it's OK to overwrite files, say yes.

Church Coulee Creek, Wisconsin

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Church Coulee Creek is a peaceful meadow stream with brown trout and the occasional brookie. It supports an average population of trout, but gets relatively little fishing pressure. Some pools are much better than others, so take your time exploring all 39 fishing sites. A few spots could produce a real trophy fish.

Deschutes River, Oregon

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The Deschutes is a world-class steelhead fishery. This outing takes you fishing near where it flows into the Columbia River in August as the steelhead run is really getting going. There are some smaller trout as well, but the fresh sea-run rainbows are the main attraction. This area has a very high population of rattlesnakes, so watch your step!

Farrbetter Flies

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Roger Farr is an artist and fly tier in England who has developed some amazingly realistic flies. These are not only incredibly life-like, but also very durable and practical to use. This download adds a sample of his work, including caddis, mayfly and terrestrial dries and a few oustanding nymphs. This download will also add a few of Roger's custom fly tying materials so you can use them in your own creations. These include mayfly and caddis wings, a caddis nymph case, a foam mayfly body and realistic insect legs.

Allt a' Ghlinne Bhig

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This is a spring outing on a wonderful freestone stream in the Highlands of Scotland. There are a fair number of brown trout, and while they don't run particularly large, there's a chance to hook an Atlantic salmon. This early in the year there aren't many salmon present and they're not eager to take a fly, but if you're patient and search the deeper holes you might be in for a real fight. This download adds both the stream and the Atlantic salmon.
Photography by Sean Morrissey.

Upper Sacramento River, California

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The Upper Sacramento River features gorgeous scenery and truly beautiful rainbow trout. This early-spring outing is one of the more challenging to fish, and the add-on includes more trout photos and additional insect hatches. To catch fish here you may want to tie your own custom flies to match the nymphs you see. There are some good sized trout here to reward you for careful and patient fly fishing.

Fan-Created Outings, Flies and More

The Real World Fly Fishing Clubhouse is a fan site offering all kinds of information about the game, and links to many more add-ons created by RWFF anglers around the world. There are hundreds of outings and fish species available, and thousands of fishing sites.
Click here to visit the RWFF Clubhouse


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