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Your current version is shown on the loading screen as game starts. If that's older than the latest update, click the link below to download the zip file and open it. Select "File", "Extract all" and select the folder where the game is installed (usually c:\games\pishtech\IceFishingDerby).

If your current installation is older than November, 2009 and you haven't updated DirectX 9.0c since then you'll also need to update your DirectX installation. You can click here to download and run the DirectX installer. Note that if the game won't start and you get an error about a missing DLL file then you must run this update.

Latest Ice Fishing Derby Update:
November 24, 2009

Click to download

This update includes:

Enhanced aquatic vegitation
Added Salmo lake
Added rainbow and lake trout
Added simulation and semi-sim modes
Can now use flasher and camera at the same time
Improved landscapes
Improved lake maps
More habitat variety
Realistic bottom structure
Manual control over underwater camera
Fish AI improvements

Earlier updates include:

Misc. bug fixes


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Pishtech's Ice Fishing Derby


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