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Pishtech’s Ice Fishing Derby

Pishtech’s Ice Fishing Derby (PIFD) is the most game-oriented Pishtech game, and it’s not by accident. Many of the ice fishermen I know are more motivated by the chance to put some fillets in the pan than by the sport. Of course there are those who ice fish mostly for the sport and more and more anglers are taking ice fishing seriously, studying the movement of fish, adjusting their locations and presentation based on the weather and other conditions. Historically ice fishing seemed like a game of chance, and for plenty of folks that’s still the case. They drill a hole and start fishing and if the fishing is slow they move on to another spot, chosen almost at random, hoping to find better action. They ask each other if they’re “having any luck” because success feels more like a matter of luck than the product of skill or knowledge gained through experience. While that may not reflect the approach of the more serious modern ice anglers, there’s still something appealing about going out to “try your luck” on a frozen lake like that. That’s the experience PIFD presents, so it features more things that can happen purely by chance, as well as rewarding quick reflexes and wise decision making.

Pishtech’s Ice Fishing Derby offers a first-person view, intelligent fish and some other simulation oriented features, but primarily it was designed to be amusing, easy to play and addictive, and from what I’ve heard from players, that goal has been met. On the other hand, I also heard from serious ice fishermen who would like more control in the game. Like myself, they favor a game that feels like real fishing. I recently completed an update to the game to provide an optional simulation mode. That lets you walk freely on the lake, gives you direct control over your rod, reel, and underwater camera. That's been a hit with serious ice fishermen, while others with less experience can still keep it simple and play in the original mode.

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