VR Sportfishing Lake Creation Tutorials

These videos demonstrate how lakes are created for VR Sportfishing. Each is 10 minutes long for a total of 90 minutes. They move along rather fast in order to cover a lot of material. The file vrs_lake_creation.txt in the May 18th update of the game also provides a brief overview of the process of creating custom lakes.

Part 1 - Overview, and lake definition files

Part 2 - Drawing a simple heightfield and testing a new lake

Part 3 - Adding an overall texture to the landscape

Part 4 - Adding splatting layers for detailed textures

Part 5 - Building a heightfield with L3DT

Part 6 - Climates in L3DT

Part 7 - Exporting files from L3DT and editing for VRS

Part 8 - Other parameters

Part 9 - Final testing, and sharing your lake