Fly and insect creation

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Fly and insect creation

Postby Striker » Thu Nov 29, 2007 1:10 pm

Hi all,

I just want to say that the new outings look great and I'm having a great time fishing them!!! Keep creating!! :)

One thing I would like to know is if anyone could possible send me brief instructions on how to add a new fly to the game. More specifically, explaining the 'fly.def' file and what that all means.

Also, is it possible to add a new insect to the game or would that be too complicated?

Thanks guys!
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Postby dcarp » Thu Nov 29, 2007 3:44 pm


Are you wanting to know how to use the "Fly Tying" portion of the game, or are you referring to adding the custom flies tied by other users?

As far as I know, there isn't a way to add food sources (or insects) to the game..... yet.

DCarp (Dave)
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Postby dcarp » Thu Nov 29, 2007 4:58 pm


Here's and attempt to explain the "Fly.def" file. Keep in mind, these are mostly assumptions on my part. Paul would be the guy to explain it completely.

Flies that come with the game are encrypted, so you only see this information of user created flies. This is the fly.def file for "Dave's Hopper":

VC=29968 : I don't know
PATTERN = Daves Hopper : Name of Fly
FLOATING = 4 : If not 0, a surface fly, higher #'s float longer
SINK RATE = 0 : If not 0, subsurface fly, higher #'s sink faster
IMAGE NAME = right.bmp : Right side image of the fly
RVC = 1283594411 : Again, I don't know
IMAGE ANGLE = 90 : Don't know
IMAGE NAME = left.bmp : Left side image of the fly
RVC = 2025775293 : Don't know
IMAGE ANGLE = 270 : Don't know
TYPE = LEAFHOPPER : Fly type - determines which fly box the fly goes in
SMALLEST SIZE = 24 : Smallest size that can be selected from fly box
LARGEST SIZE = 2 : Largest size that can be selected from fly box
HOOK GAP = 23 : Not sure
BIG HOOK GAP = 47 : Not sure

About the only time I edit any of this is if I've created a Fly and I only want it displayed in specific sizes. For example - Steelhead and Salmon flies are usually sizes 2-8. Don't see many "Green Highlanders" in size 24. I guess the same would be true for Midges and other flies at the opposite end of the spectrum. - you'd probably want to limit the sizes from 16-24.

Sometimes I may edit the Float and Sink parameters. I think that material selection may play a role in that sometimes. If I remember correctly, I used Elk Hair for a steelhead hairwing because I liked how the color adjustment worked on that fly, but it turned the fly into a surface fly. (Or I categorized it wrong). Anyway, I simply edited the file to make floating a 0, and sinking a 3, then the fly didn't float on the surface anymore.

Hope this helps.

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