How many hooks can you legally use with one fishing pole?

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How many hooks can you legally use with one fishing pole?

Postby NickFury » Sat May 26, 2018 7:47 am


Ok, in the the last couple of years, the Michigan Fishing Guide states that we can legally use up to six hooks on three rods now. And, that's fine. But does that mean I can use up to six hooks if I only have one line in the water? I asked a veteran conservation officer that question and he said "I really don't know". He and I then walked back to his truck so he could look it up on his laptop computer, and he still couldn't give me an absolutely positive answer afterwards. He said that it seemed that maybe six hooks was ok on a single line, but he wasn't absolutely certain the way it reads. By the way, this question only pertains to fishing for game fish and panfish (i.e. walleyes, perch, etc). Not fishing for smelt, that's different. You can legally use as many hooks as you want on a single line when fishing for smelt in Michigan. My question pertains to fishing for everything, but smelt. I've tried searching the internet for an answer to this number of hooks on a single line question (with some sort of proof to verify it), but I can't find it. Does anybody out there know the answer for sure?

Please help.

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