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Postby geraldro » Wed Jul 12, 2017 3:40 pm

Hi all,
I come back after 5 years of silence. Martin and Stanley are still very active on the forum.I have not forgotten you, my friends :P

I bought and installed FFS HD, very beautiful achievement. I have 2 questions

under win10, where is installed ffs hd, can't find

the old outings are compatible ?

thanks for answer


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Postby paul » Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:45 am


I'm not even sure where the FFSHD application gets installed on Windows. The installer package gets built by the Gideros system I used to build this version, and I don't know where it installs to. Since it's installed by the Windows Store, the store might control the install location.

As for compatibility, yes and no. It's designed to be compatible with content created for RWFF. The app has a place where you can add third-party content servers. The idea is that content developers can take RWFF outings, or newly created FFSHD outings, use a new packaging tool (see viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6058 for details) to package the outing for FFSHD, upload it to the web, and setup a content server, which is just an HTML file with a list of available outings and links to their packages. Then share the link to that content server with others, who can enter that URL in the app, and download outings. This eliminates the need to manually copy files into the installation folder of the game. For consumers of custom content, you just need to enter the addresses of one or more servers, then browse the available packages and tap "download" to install them. I'm not aware of any custom content servers anyone has setup yet, but I hope to see that change.

Another thing I've been working on is integrating the tools for outing development into the app itself. Right now in my unreleased version, much of what the outing tool did is now built in. It can generate a 6 frame seamless animation from an HD video file, let you edit the configuration files, set the perspective, let you edit current and depth maps, and immediately see the effect in 2D and 3D, all without using an image editor or other specialized tool. When it's all finished I intend to have a creation mode in the app such that you could use a smart phone or tablet on a tripod to shoot a river, and then create the outing entirely on that mobile device without leaving the app, and upload it to a server, all in a couple of hours. Of course the best quality will require shooting with a higher quality camera, and doing some image retouching, but I want to make it much easier to create custom content as well as to install and use it. Next winter I hope to finish integrating the content creation tools into the app itself.

Well, outing creation, anyway. Fish creation is another matter. I think that will remain the territory of the experts, people willing to learn the less-than-user-friendly process that's used for RWFF.

Tight lines,

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