Really? Just dropped 30$ on game that will never be updated

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Really? Just dropped 30$ on game that will never be updated

Postby Colinf01752 » Fri May 27, 2016 12:28 am


I just bought VR SF today and then later came to find out on the forum that this game will never be updated. What a bummer man. The game is great but had the potential to be awesome. I own your fly fishing game also which I enjoy, but boy...VR SF has way more potential the RWFF. You mentioned the fact that VR SF allows you to see depth into the lakes like Bathymetric maps, which sets it apart from other fishing games. I agree that does make it a step above. However you then deviated from that in RWFF. Yes its photo realistic but there is no depth perception in the rivers. Half the fun of real Fly Fishing is to determine a take with or without a strike indicator. Or actually just stripping a streamers and then strip setting the hook. You were on to something with VR SF and if you took the same approach with RWFF, you would have two great games.

I am not trying to sound ungrateful because I know you have put in a lot of work on both games. You should seriously consider kickstarter like the other members suggested. Or at least open up the game to make it more mod-able. I.e. Allow us to add fish and use the fishlogix system to set different attributes. Games, especially like this, only generate more sales when the end user has the ability to participate in the creative process. You should give it some serious thought.

Despite no more updates, thanks again, its still a great game.

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