The Woman's Day in Franklinville, NY....

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The Woman's Day in Franklinville, NY....

Postby wyldechylde77 » Thu May 02, 2013 2:12 am

Hey guys,

My girlfriend and I spent a bit of quality time today out in Franklinville, NY, surrounded only by the woods, the water, and the nice weather. Oh....and Largemouth Bass.
So, here's the tale of how today's fishing ended up going to my woman, two times over. When we arrived, I walked the perimeters of the three ponds to get an idea of what the bass were doing. Didn't see a whole lot of movement, and honestly didn't see a lot of bluegills either. So, we tied on jigs and started to work the cover, as the sun was beating on the water and the water clarity was stained. Got no takes, just a few small bass and bluegills curiously coming up to our jigs, and then backing off. So, went to bluegill imitations, thinking maybe if there were any big bass around, they'd at least show themselves. Nothing. After more thought, decided on the old stand-by, live nightcrawlers. To my surprise, there were more curiosity bites than hunger bites. Both bluegills and bass kept approaching our worms, some taking a little peck, others just backing off. It dawned on me that it was because of the clear weather and stained water. They were able to pick up on things that weren't natural. Finally, we hit a couple of bluegills and a couple small bass, but a light went on inside my head and we kept three small 'gills in a bucket. I had her hook up a live bluegill trough it's mouth, and sure enough when it hit the water, the small bass instinctively came out and began circling and taking little shots. Finally...I noticed a large bass cruising just past the weeds, so told her to cast to the other side. She did, and that bass came in like a truck. It grabbed the bluegill and she set the hook, but she set too early and it was off. "Darn", I thought. But just as I thought that, the bass emerged from the shadow to finish the job. This time, she took my advice and gave it a second to shift in its mouth, then she set the hook. Fish on!! She had a bit of a tough time with this one, but managed to get him in. 19", 4 1/2 lbs.

(She'd kill me if she knew I was postin these pics, since she is not dressed to kill and all, LOL!) Her 4lber:


After that battle, we had some lunch and got back to fishing. I was still surprised that the bass weren't going for much besides bluegills. I again tied on a soft-plastic bluegill imitation, but got no response whatsoever. I guess they have to be live.
After about an hour with mixed results, I was on one part of the pond and she was on another, when she announced that she had a fish on, which turned out to be a medium bluegill. As soon as she caught it, on my side, a HUGE Largemouth came out from under the cover and swam right past me. I quickly told her to bring in that 'gill and get her butt over there. She did, and when she got there I hooked the 'gill through the mouth and told her to calmly cast out ahead of her and retrieve slowly, as by now I had lost sight of the big guy. So, she casts a couple of times when sure enough, the big guy comes out from shadows and makes a bee line for her offering. She muttered quietly to me after seeing the bass in the water "Holy ****" and I calmed her an told her to be ready, as its gonna happen quickly. The bass approached, and bumped the 'gill and devoured it. I told her to "SET!!",and she set with authority!! That bass shook its head violently under the surface, and she told me she couldn't reel it in because it was too big! I told her just to keep at it and let him run if he wants. She gave one hard pull, I was able to grab its lip and we were both left standing there like "OMG!!"
We quickly measured and weighed her behemoth of a Largemouth. Dude was really big!! 25" (thought 27" inches, but she corrected me), 16" girth..9lbs!!! Big ol' mamma-jamma bass!!

So proud of her for getting this guy in!!


We fished a little longer, then finally packed up and went home. Overall, it was a quiet day without much action. But, I have to hand it to my GF..She had quality over quantity. This day definitely belonged to her. Not one, but two big bass in a few hours!! So proud of her for that 9lber!!!
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Re: The Woman's Day in Franklinville, NY....

Postby rwwalleye » Thu May 02, 2013 2:50 am

Hi Chuck,
Glad you and your girlfriend an excellent dsy of fishing. Congratulate her again for her 9 lb. Largemouth. The best I've ever done was a 7 lber. on a flyrod and home tied popper. Keep up the good photos. In next week or so I should have some to post. Roger
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