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Postby Fisherman » Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:22 am

Congrats on getting the current build out of beta, Paul. This topic will be for the new oddities that come up, for future patch consideration: In Example:

This happened on both Canyon Lake and Mountain lake, wading on Mtn lake and Bass Tourney fishing at Canyon. Got a nice bite by a good sized fish. The line out slot goes down to the last quarter inch and bounces up and down, there is no drag. At Canyon, the plastic worm I was fishing with appeared and was "Lodged" at the rod-tip as if I had reeled all the way in. The fish was still on. Only a few angles revealed the line was actually out with an active fish on. There was no way to reel in or break the line. I managed to figure out that I could drive the boat under trolling motor power to the baitshop pier. I checked in(won the tournament by the by). That erased the situation.
At Mtn Lake, a big trout hit and the same thing happened with the line and blue line-out slot. The lure did not appear at the rod-tip, however. My solution this time was to quit and then continue. An interesting glitch.
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