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Beta Version Issues...Bugs...

Postby SloughCreekKid » Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:27 am

I like the layout of Maple Valley Creek - it reminds me of two streams I have fly fished.
Maple Valley- caught 30 trout on 33 casts with 3 different lures/bait. (Too easy that trip) but showed they CAN be hooked and caught. No trout missing the hook issue.
Brown trout look great. The fisherman picks them up smoothly. can walk into the water off the brown shorelines.
Currents carry the lures/bobber more realistically than I expected.

BAD :|
Maple Valley Creek:
First outing, 15 Brown Trout hovered around my legs. I stepped into where they were and they stayed there. Next trip did not have this problem.
It would be nice to have A LOT more areas to walk down into the stream. I can see many many places where we would want to cast and drift a fly and it will be difficult without more areas to stand.
First outing. Caught 30 brown trout on 33 casts with 3 different lures/bait. That was far too easy. Perhaps it is set that way to test the catching part.

Maple Valley Creek:
When hitting too deep an area to walk further into, the screen starting jumping/shaking as the "character" continued to try to walk farther.
What is the "stop" command when walking? I tried the back arrow and the character quickly jerks/spins around facing back the other way.

Dream River:
The anchor did not stop the boat from drifting downstream after being dropped.
Going upriver and getting near the logs/rocks in the river, the river suddenly went a strange color and had a definite line across the river maybe 30 yards ahead of the boat.

Existing Content:
In the Instruction tutorial , now one boat is only a brown flat image on the water . Also the fishermen disappeared from the boats. The character Standing on the dock is invisible as well, with the rod hanging in midair.


Took me a while to figure out how to walk. I just hadn't played in a little while and forgot to right click to bring up top menu options. Likely just an issue with ME.
Walking/wading possibly needs adding to the instructions tutorial.
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