Hi...Need HELP me on Salmo Lake problem# ONE

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Hi...Need HELP me on Salmo Lake problem# ONE

Postby SloughCreekKid » Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:58 pm


I downloaded the full version of Ice Fishing Derby. Having trouble on Salmo Lake....doing Simulation difficulty.

1) No matter where I click to fish on the lake, shallow, deep, drop off, it puts me at same depth and same place drilling. I have tried to move several times and it puts me right back at same hole (I dont' have to re-drill). On last new game, started from beginning and didn't have to drill...started at same hole I had drileld in prior game. One time I was able to move and re-drill.

I have fished Eagle Lake a couple times. Finished derby with $350, then $5000.

1) Does this sound like a "bug'...is there a way to fix it?

2) Do I have to hit certain levels at Eagle Lake first before Salmo Lake will work for me?

3) Is there a "trick" or "secret" to Salmo Lake that I just haven't found yet? If so, DON"T tell me what it is, just that not "discovering the secret" is likely the problem...I would like to try to discover it myself. I will keep trying.

I just don't want to spend days trying to solve the riddle and never get past day 2 on Salmo Lake.

Any help is appreciated.....from a frozen fisherman! :lol:
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