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Update ready for beta testing

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:47 am
by paul
The update is ready to test!

You can see some screenshots here:

Here's what's in it:

Three modes of play:
Simulation mode: You choose where to fish, control the fishing depth, fight fish manually, etc. No other fishermen making offers, etc. Your results depend entirely on your fishing skill.
Semi-sim mode: Same as simulation mode but with offers from other fishermen.
Arcade mode: Simplified fishing, same game play as the original version.

An improved version of Eagle Lake
A second lake, Salmo Lake
Rainbow trout
Lake trout
Improved fish graphics
Improved landscape detail and graphics
Improved vegetation graphics
Improved fish AI
Improved lake bottom structure, with mud and rock areas, sloped bottoms
Areas with varying levels of vegetation, attracting different concentrations of fish
Flasher now has automatic range adjustment
Can now use flasher (sonar) and underwater camera at the same time
Screenshot function - just press SysRq key to save a screenshot
Manual control of camera depth (PgUp, PgDown keys, or mouse wheel)
Manually control the rod and reel (mouse to raise rod, left button to reel, right to release line)
Manual fish fighting
On-screen help with fishing controls when you first start
Assorted bugs are fixed

Right now the beta version has a known bug in which you may not see fish while you land them, if you were using the underwater camera at the time. This is already fixed, but not in the current downloadable installer.

The beta version can be used for both full version and free demo version testing.

You're welcome to try the beta version, but please report any problems by e-mail to

Here's the link:
Extract the files, then run setup.exe.

Tight lines,


Re: Update ready for beta testing

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:15 pm
by reelfish074
this looks awesome! i might get the full version with this out =)

EDIT: it's vrsf on ice =P

Re: Update ready for beta testing

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 3:39 pm
by paul
Thanks for the feedback!

I have noticed some issues in the "Arcade" mode which will be fixed before it's out of beta testing.


Re: Update ready for beta testing

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 4:05 pm
by Scottish Warrior
Dear Paul,I downloaded and moved files as instructed,opened the game and all seemed well.
When I opened the instructions the scenes got all mixed up as it scrolled through the options.
Day 1 went ok but on Day 2 I caught a fish that was too big for the hole and I got a reel in sound that continued and the fisherman changed the bait and continued too fish repeatedly,I had no control at all so I quit.
I have Direct X loaded and moved the IFD file folder to the Ice Fishing Derby folder in Games, PishTech,IS THIS CORRECT??
When I start the game it tells me I have 27/10/09 version.
I hope this helps,Regards Martin.

Re: Update ready for beta testing

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 4:16 pm
by paul
I'll check the testing scene. I haven't looked at that since the update, so it certainly could be broken.

I've seen the issue with getting stuck in a loop of baiting the hook. Usually you can get out of that by clicking the bait button and picking a bait to use. I'll have to get that fixed.

For the install, you shouldn't need to move any files around. Just unzip the files into a temp folder and run setup and it should do the full installation.


Re: Update ready for beta testing

PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:21 pm
by reelfish074
i think you should either get rid of the demo time limit or let you buy any of the items..... just my two cents =P

Re: Update ready for beta testing

PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:30 pm
by paleodust
reelfish074 wrote:i think you should either get rid of the demo time limit or let you buy any of the items..... just my two cents =P

I agree.

Re: Update ready for beta testing

PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:09 am
by paleodust
I just played the beta version in arcade mode and discovered 3 bugs and a question:

1. The walleyes are displaying their rear dorsal fin with dark trim around them (no transparency map).

2. The underwater camera view is stuck too high (shallow). I can't see the action. Is there a way to adjust the camera view?

3. Sometimes, when a fish would swim right up to the bait, it (the fish) would instantly flip 180* back and forth, appearing to 'strobe' and never grab the bait. This happened several times in a row (in Hole View). I think the fish was attempting to take the bait but got VERY confused. :lol:

Question: How do you land the REALLY big pike? The largest I was actually able to land was 38". Everything bigger than that would break the line every time. I have a 12" auger and a PikeMaster 12lb test line/rod combo. Am I doing something wrong or are they impossible to catch without breaking the line?

Questions beta test version

PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 2:53 am
by icefisher

I installed the beta update. It looks like it replace my original full version. Would that be right? Can the two versions co-exist?

Also when trying it for the first time I selected instructions. Part of the instructions goes fine but part of the video for the instructions just turns to static.

Also when you go in at the end the fishermen seem to disappear into a fog bank before they get to the store.

In terms of selecting where you fish, I take it that when I click I start drilling but dont really have the sense that I am determining where I want to fish. I would think it would be helpful to have a from above view of the lake that would show where you are and the let you click where you want to go to fish next. Otherwise it doesnt seem like you can systematically fish the lake mapping the depth as you go.

I tried the semi-sim mode and did not here any comments from passing fisherman about trout - are there some?

Are there going to be any lures to fish with (whether baited or not) or just the usual bait?

Will try it a few more times before i make any more comments.

Re: Update ready for beta testing

PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:51 am
by paul
Right now the comments and offers from other fishermen won't mention trout or anything specific to the second lake.

To see where you are on the lake while walking click the "View" button (or press V to cycle through views.) One view is a lake map, with depths shown in 10 foot increments by shades of blue. You move faster and time passes faster while walking on the map view, so it's the best way to get to the far end of the lake.

There are definitely some problems in the instructions right now, and a certain percentage of the time the people walking in at the end of the day do pass through part of the landscape. Those are on the must-fix list before this update goes out of beta.

Yes, the old and new versions can both be installed, but pick a different folder to install each of them.

Anybody catch any big lake trout yet?


Re: Update ready for beta testing

PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:19 pm
by reelfish074
i have caught some lakers =) so far it seems that the best way to catch them is find the deepest water possible and use a flasher with live minnows.. but i had to use the time speed cheat so i could get them up in a reasonable amount of time =(

Re: Update ready for beta testing

PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2009 4:03 am
by scotterson
i got a 37inc laker good job with the beta and the rainbows are nice give u a good little fight like the reel thing

Question on Movement on the Maps

PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2009 5:47 am
by icefisher

Is there some special trick to moving yourself on the maps?

When I try to move on the map I click where I want to go, but it never moves me to where i have clicked, this is annoying.

I think for moving on the map the should be a different cursor like cross hairs so you can move to a specific spot as you would be able to in real life fishing.


Re: Update ready for beta testing

PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:25 pm
by paul
Don't click on the map, but use the arrow keys to walk. Up walks you forward, left and right turn while walking. I'll add some on-screen instruction for that.

By the way, you may occasionally stop moving forward mysteriously. If that happens it's because you're walking into someones shanty. Turning either way will get you moving again. I could (probably should) show the other shanties on the map view, but I didn't want to clutter the view of the lake.

Tight lines,


Lake trout fishing

PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:56 am
by icefisher

Thanks now I can move around the map and fish where i want. I do find that for some reason the keys do not move me in straight lines but I can compensate.

In terms of the lake trout and rainbows the graphics and behavior are great, very like real fish. The new lake bottom textures are great and the camera zoom and sonar make this much more like real modern ice fishing. Great improvements to the game Paul, your work is very much appreciated. This was a good game when you introduced it, but you have now made it a really great game.

Now a few comments based on game play.

I do think that it would be useful to be able to see the other shanties on the map.

I do think though that in fishing at depths for lake trout the time it takes for the bait to descend and to retrieve the fish are quite unrealistic. I do not know of anyone who would use unweighted bait to fish at the depths for lakers. The most typical lures are lead jigs with bait or tubes or weighted spoons, both of which descend very quickly.

In terms of fighting the lakers it would not take more than a couple minutes to bring up a laker under 18" from depth. I can see that a large laker could take longer to fight but not anwhere near as long as the game time seems to take.

Also when you are using 12 test line no laker should be breaking the line just when it hits the bait. I can see them stealing the bait but not breaking the line before any tension is applied.

I do like the tension from the hooked fish but both the pike and lakers seem to break the line way more than would be realistic in my experience. I use 12 or 14# test for pike and lakers in real ice fihing and have caught many fish over the years and only had two or three actually break the line. I have probably had 20 fish break off in the game in a few days fishing and I can't believe they would have been big enough to be breaking the line in real life. As we are required to use barbless hooks, I have had a number get off the hook but breaking #12 line is almost unheard of in icefishing especially for lakers where they are suspended in water and have not obstacles to wrap you around, so I think you need to reduce the ability of the fish in the game to break the line so easily.

And finally my dream list request would be if you could add some lures to the store we could buy that could be used for different fish (tube jigs for lakers or pike, rapalla type lures, walleye jigs or spoons, small jigs for trout and panfish) ideally with the option to tip the lure with bait (waxies or mousies for small jigs and dead minnows or minnow heads for larger lures) or not, that would give it a real feel for those of us who typically use lures because either they want to or because the use of live minnows or shiners is not legal.

Tight lines.............. <')(((((><(