New outing development tool in the works

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New outing development tool in the works

Postby paul » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:27 pm

RWFF outings creators,

I'm working on a new outing tool built on FFSHD. Right now it produces site maps for FFSHD, but I plan to add the export of RWFF site maps before I share the tool. Drop HD videos and stills from an outing shoot in a working folder and run the tool and it will create all the config files for the outing including the 6 animation frames for each site. This eliminates the work I used to do in Camtasia Studio to loop video and extract the frames, and it actually does a better job. If you have animation frames you created with another tool, you can use them, but creating them from a video works great for flowing water.

The new tool lets you map the depth and current right on the animated site, so you don't need to draw the lines in special colors on bitmaps in an image editor. It will work with whatever resolution site images you give it, but I use HD video resolution of 1920x1080. To use it for RWFF you'd need to size the frames it creates down to 1024x768, but I suspect anyone who does outing creation probably knows how to resize images in batch mode in the image editor of their choice. I could make it export frames in that size if people find that helpful.

Here's a sneak peek at the tool:

I didn't attempt to do realistic depth and current mapping in this demo, but just showed how the tool works. Once I have it exporting both RWFF and FFSHD formatted site maps, I'll share the tool here.

So... are you happy with the familiar old tools, or is this something you'd switch over to?

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Re: New outing development tool in the works

Postby geraldro » Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:22 pm

Hi Paul,

thank you for the job, I look forward to this new tool :P


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