Sw 8 New Outings 5 Columbia2Minneapolis1Wisconsin 1000 up

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Sw 8 New Outings 5 Columbia2Minneapolis1Wisconsin 1000 up

Postby Scottish Warrior » Thu Sep 01, 2016 2:34 pm

Hi All,
Am off on holiday soon so I wanted to post these outings to bring my total Version 131 6 Frame Outings to 1000,
This is a Big Day for me as I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could reach this total.
I chose Columbia as we do not have too many outings from that location and will start with them.
We Do Not Have many of the Fish Species from Columbia so here is a list of the Species you will find in the 5 Outings::
Jumping Snook,Tarpon,Redtail Catfish,Arapaima,Amazon Silver Arowana,Golden Dorado,Rainbow Trout Plus Either
Barred Sorubim Catfish,Amazon Piranha,Bull Shark,Arowana,Blue Tilapia,Grass Carp,Common Carp,Common Carp Light,
American Eel,Silver Piranha,Oscar,Each Outing will Include 16 Species from the List.

In Sw Wondrous Vibrant Lago de Tota Boyaca:


In Sw Wondrous Vibrant Rio Magdalena Columbia 1:


In Sw Wondrous Vibrant Rio Magdalena Columbia 2:


In Sw Wondrous Vibrant Rio Meta Columbia:

Sw Wondrous Vibrant Rio Putumayo Columbia:


The Photos used in the next 2 Outings were sent to Our Stanley from his close friend Paul(not our Paul) and he kindly sent them to me,

In Sw Wondrous Vibrant Cedar Lake Minneapolis 1 You Are Fishing For::
Jumping Walleye,Muskie,Northern Pike2,Brook Trout,Lake Trout,Brown Trout 2,Rainbow Trout,Smallmouth Bass,Largemouth Bass,White Crappie,Bowfin,
Plus Channel Catfish,Flathead Catfish,Burbot,Sauger,Freshwater Drum,16 Species In Total.


In Sw Wondrous Vibrant Cedar Lake Minneapolis 2 You Are Fishing For::
Jumping Walleye Dark,Muskie,Northern Pike2,Brookie,Lake Trout 2,Brown Trout Dark,Red Rainbow,Smallmouth Bass,Largemouth Bass,Black Crappie,Bowfin2,Bluegill,
Plus Channel Catfish,Flathead Catfish,Yellow Perch,Freshwater Drum,16 Species In Total.


NUMBER 1000 After Many years of going round the world to bring you outings I though it only correct to return to where it all began for Paul and RWFF,
The Game he gave us all is the Greatest Simulation of Fly Fishing On The Planet by a long way,and I salute him for his great application to this game,
So I have made my 1000th Outing from the Mighty Milwaukee River In Wisconsin.

In Sw Wondrous Vibrant Milwaukee River Minneapolis You Are Fishing For::
Jumping Lake Trout,Smallmouth Bass,Chinook Salmon,Steelhead Red,Red Rainbow,Brookie,Brown Trout Dark,Muskie,Northern Pike2,Walleye Dark,
Largemouth Bass,Black Crappie,Bluegill,Plus Yellow Perch,Channel Catfish,Flathead Catfish,16 Species In Total.


Tight Lines To All,
Regards Martin aka Scottish Warrior.
I am so glad to be part of this
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Re: Sw 8 New Outings 5 Columbia2Minneapolis1Wisconsin 1000 up

Postby rwwalleye » Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:15 pm

Hi Martin,
Congratulations on your 1000th outing. You gave us all a wonderful assortment of Flyfishing from all over the world, places that we could only dream about traveling to and experiencing the great fishing that is to be had. Thank You again for all your hard work and time consuming efforts to bring us such great entertainment. Your efforts are definitely greatly appreciated on my part. Haven't been able to fish to much lately to illnesses in the family. Daughter-in-law had a cancerous tumor removed from the brain and outlook does not look good. Grandson Chris has had problems with abdominal pains and still trying to find the problem for it. Have a lot of running to do for doctors for treatments on their part. As soon as I get the chance I will fish at least one of these and will post. After this week will have to take Renee my daughter-in-law for 5 days of radiation treatments for the next 5 weeks. Plus she will start taking chemo pills after she starts radiation. Also dealing with my parents and older sister that live next door. I'm the taxi driver for everyone. Plus have the yards to keep up so hardly no time for myself. Miss the time I'm able to fish RWFF and even real fishing by Norway dam. Will stay in touch with everyone, and haven't forgot all my friends around the world. Thank You again and enjoy your holiday.
PS Saw some info on the Current River in the State of Missouri that sounded interesting. Supposed to be a grear vacation spot for Bass and Trout fishing. Will try to find more info on it for you if you would be interested in making an outing for it. Friends Always from the US, Roger
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Re: Sw 8 New Outings 5 Columbia2Minneapolis1Wisconsin 1000 up

Postby Scottish Warrior » Fri Sep 16, 2016 2:53 am

Hi Roger,
Spotted Your Comment On The Current River Missouri,
am now working on 4 Outings from that location,
but will not be able to complete them as this Laptop is Running Win 10
and the Outing Tool Will not Work,Will keep you informed but here is a
List Of Species You Will Be Fishing for::
Jumping Largemouth,Smallmouth Bass,Bowfin,White and Black Crappie,
Muskie,Northern Pike2,Bluegill,Brown and Rainbow Trout,Walleye Plus
White and Yellow Bass,Brown and Black Bullhead,Common and Grass Carp,
Blue,Channel and Flathead Catfish,Freshwater Drum,Rock Bass,Chain Pickerel,
Redhorse,Longear and Redear Sunfish and Sauger,A Nice Selection.
Regards Martin.
I am so glad to be part of this
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