Another 15 Sw Outings From Around The World

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Another 15 Sw Outings From Around The World

Postby Scottish Warrior » Fri Oct 17, 2014 11:00 am

Hi All,
Here are another 15 New Outings from Around The World.

Sw The Wondrous River Kabul Afghanistan,
Sturgeon,Sareng Catfish,Wels,Zander,Snakehead,Common Roach,Barbel,Seatrout,Ruffe,Dace,
Asp,Ide,Common Carp,Mahseer,Jumping Rainbow Trout,Red Rainbow,16 Species in Total. ...

Sw The Wondrous Maurice River Milleville Canada,
Jumping Bluegill,Smallmouth Bass,Largemouth Bass,Bowfin,Mooneye,Rainbow,Brookie,Cutthroat Trout,Walleye Plus
White Bass,Rock Bass,American Eel,Freshwater Drum,Redhorse,Sauger,Arctic Char,16 Species in Total. ...

Sw The Wondrous Zrmanja River Croatia 1,
Jumping Pike,Roach Plus Barbel,Common Nase,Ruffe,Asp,Ide,Chub,Zander,Rudd,Tench,
Grayling,Dace,Seatrout,Common Roach,15 Species in Total. ...

Sw The Wondrous Sangha River Central Congo 2,
Jumping Tigerfish,Goliath Tigerfish,Goliath Tigerfish 2,African Pike Plus Amur Catfish,Talapia,Blue Tilapia,Perch,
Common Carp,Common Carp Light,Nile Perch,Wild Carp,Snakehead,Giant Snakehead,14 Species in Total. ...

Sw The Wondrous Peene River Germany,
Jumping Pike Plus Common Nase,Arctic Char,Zander,Wels,Grayling,Atlantic Salmon,Seatrout,Carp Bream,
Common Roach,Asp,Ide,Sturgeon,Barbel,Burbot,Vendace,16 Species in Total. ...

Sw The Wondrous Corentyne River Guyana,
Jumping Arowana,Snook Plus American Eel,Jau,Razor Back Sucker,Barred Sorubim Catfish,Redtail Catfish,Flathead Catfish,
Pira Pita,Sabalo.Bicuda,Arowana,Silver Piranha,Corvina,Longnose Sucker,15 Species in Total. ...

Sw The Wondrous Tigris River Iraq,
Jumping Silver Carp,Amur Pike Plus Amur Catfish,Grass Carp,Common Carp,Common Carp Light,Mangar,Talapia,
Asian Bighead Carp,Blue Tilapia,Miror Carp,Mirror Carp,Bull Shark,13 Species in Total. ...

Sw The Wondrous Kishon River Israel,
Jumping Amur Pike,Rainbow,Red Rainbow,Silver Carp,Rainbow Trout Plus Blue Tilapia,Eel,Crucian Carp,Amur Catfish,Common Carp,
Common Carp Light,Coho Salmon,Tench,Common Roach,Talapia,15 Species in Total. ...

Sw The Wondrous Lake Dukan Kyrgystan,
Jumping Whitefish,Rainbow,Red Rainbow,Rainbow Trout Plus Carp Bream,Grass Carp,Common Carp,Common Carp Light,
Wild Carp,Gudgeon,Asp,Barbel,Zander,Tench,Dace15 Species in Total. ...

Sw The Wondrous Lake Michigan Dusk 1,
Jumping Largemouth Bass,Mountain Whitefish,Muskie,Northern Pike2 Walleye Dark,Brown Trout,Red Rainbow,Steelhead Red,Walleye Plus
Flathead Catfish,Freshwater Drum,White Bass,Rock Bass2,Sauger,Redear Sunfish,American Eel,16 Species in Total. ...

Sw The Wondrous Wisla River Poland Day,
Jumping Pike,Roach Plus Zander,European Catfish,Asp, Barbel,Yellow Perch,Wild Carp,Common Carp,Mirror Carp,
Grass Carp,Chub,Vimba Vimba,Ide,Dace,Common Nase,16 Species in Total, ...

Sw The Wondrous Banate Bay Philippines,
Jumping Barracuda,Bluefin Tuna Plus Green Jobfish,Golden Trevally,Japanese Sea Bass,Peacock Hind,Red Grouper,Giant Trevally,
Fourfinger Threadfin,Queen Triggerfish,Garfish,Spanish Mackerel,Cobia,Milkfish,Spotted Coral Grouper,White Grunt,16 Species in Total. ...

Sw The Wondrous River Kelani Sri Lanka Fast,
Jumping Rainbow,Red Rainbow Plus Sareng Catfish,Snakehead,Giant Snakehead,Common Carp,Pleco,Barra,Talapia,
Blue Tilapia,Crucian Carp,Wild Carp,Seatrout,Grass Carp,Common Carp Light,15 Species in Total. ...

Sw The Wondrous Orontes River Syria 2,
Jumping Amur Pike,Roach Plus Sturgeon,Amur Catfish,Mangar,Common Carp,Common Carp Light,Blue Tilapia,Wels,
Wels 2,Wild Carp,Tench,Chub.Common Roach,Talapia,15 Species in Total. ...

Sw The Wondrous Tigris River Turkey,
Jumping Roach,Pike,Amur Pike Plus Mangar,Wels 2,Amur Catfish,Zander,Common Carp,Seatrout,Common Roach,
Barbel,Yellow Perch,Chub,Tench,Common Nase,15 Species in Total. ...

Hope You Find Something You Like in This Selection.
Tight Lines to All,
Regards Martin.
I am so glad to be part of this
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