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difference between fishing for bass and fishing for pike

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 6:06 am
by tofanema
What is the difference between fishing for bass and fishing for pike? I have fished bass for many years now and want to start fishing for pike as well. I have caught a pike or two while fishing for bass, and just wondering if I have to do anything differently to specifically fish for pike. Do they prefer deeper water? Bigger lures? Shiny lures?Do they bite in the morning, night? Or do I just keep fishing for bass, but use a steel leader.

Re: difference between fishing for bass and fishing for pike

PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:53 pm
by FlyManJoe
Hi, hope this helps but there are a few key differences with pike and bass first of all if you a fishing in a river they can be quite easy to locate try to find an area close to a medium to fast current and look for a weed line or rock points as they mainly ambush but they grow more different then bass as they grow a big pike in a river will be around where walleye or perch are as they will eat those (good lure colours) also if there is a small bay in the river fish the outside of those. For lakes target the bays as well (much easier with a boat) one of the biggest key things I have found is try to find an area where pike dominate bass like the bays and ambush points. The gear should be from a medium to heavy bait cast rod and a reel spooled with 40-100 lbs braid and a wire leader for lures try a 7/8 oz Rapala clackin rap a dare devil spoon or a 2 oz rapala x-rap subwalk also mainly look for lues that are either Red, Green, Orange, Blue, or Chrome. Also be sure to watch your hands had one give me 9 stitches. good luck fishin