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New product!

Postby paul » Tue Apr 17, 2007 3:33 am

Hey, folks! I've got a new product to announce after several years of development, and I want to give you all an early heads-up. This one isn't a game but a serious tool. It does offer some value to fly anglers, but it's really focused mostly on fishing with conventional tackle. As many of you know, I've put my heart and soul into RWFF, and I'm going to keep doing so. We've got some great new waters coming this year and I love the way you're taking the fly tying beyond anything I ever imagined. Still, I can't hold my tongue about the new product any longer.

While developing fishing games including Real World Fly Fishing, I spent a lot of time researching fish behavior. To make a realistic game you need to consider how fish react to the conditions and stimuli around them. I discovered that once you can make a virtual fish behave like a real one, you're on a path that can lead to something very useful: A computer program that can predict how real fish will react to real conditions, and more to the point, how to catch them. I started developing software to do just that several years ago and teamed up with some other software professionals to pull this together. It turned out to be more complicated to create than I first thought, but it also turned out to be a much more useful piece of technology. We've got the patent pending.

It's called Fishlogix. It's an electronic fishing guide. It's a computer program for Windows that does the same kind fo thinking that a professional fishing guide does every day. It knows the habits and behavior of over 25 species of freshwater fish, and understands how those fish react to seasons, weather, water conditions, fishing pressure, spawning cycles, moon phases and more. It can produce a detailed fishing plan telling you where to fish, what to use and how to use it, for any day, any conditions, and any body of water in the continental United States (and yes, we have plans to add support for other parts of the world.) It breaks the day down into time periods and provides a specific fishing strategy for each period. You just print the plan and go fishing.

Fishlogix is highly customizable based on how you like to fish, and it's very easy to use. Best of all, it really works. My partners and I have tested it with professional guides and tournament anglers. The first the experts always do is give Fishlogix the conditions they saw the last time they were on the water, because they know what worked on that body of water on that day. The second thing they always do is stare in disbelief, because this program has an uncanny tendency to show them a fishing plan that matches the strategy that caught them their fish.

As I said I'll post more on a separate forum here on Pishtech, and I won't clutter the RWFF area with Fishlogix news. But please watch for more information! Even if you're strictly into fly fishing and this isn't for you, please tell your friends who fish to check this out. I'd like to invite you all to sign up for updates as we get ready to launch Fishlogix in a few weeks. You can sign up to get all the details (including a discount) at


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