New Fly Fishing Simulator HD Android fisherman

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New Fly Fishing Simulator HD Android fisherman

Postby Radarcos » Tue Aug 27, 2019 4:10 pm

Hello fishermen, I am a new owner of this magnificent fly fishing simulator for a few days.

I want to publicly thank Paul for the support he has given me with some problems I had with the game, the treatment received has been exquisite.

About the game I have to say that I am very happy to have found this wonder, I did it by chance, I am a rookie in fly fishing, I have never practiced it and the game quickly hooked me for its great quality.

Comparing the behavior of the fish with reality is something that I can not assess, I trust the lots of comments I have read talking very positively about the game, so that is enough for me to be satisfied with the purchase.

Thanks to the professional fishermen for the valuable comments they provide in the forum and I am sorry if there is something that is not well translated, my native language is Spanish, I am using a translator.

The game is completely in English, that is not a problem since I have bothered to translate each text and more or less I am clear, what I do not understand are the audios, if by chance there was a file with the written audios they would be great Help to identify them and know what they say, I would be very grateful.

Greetings and tight lines.

Marcos, in the game Radarcos.
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