Sw 10 More New Outings

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Sw 10 More New Outings

Postby Scottish Warrior » Tue Jul 30, 2019 10:33 am

Hi All,
Here Are Another 10 New Outings which leaves me 11 to Post to complete the 83 New Outings.

Sw Wondous Zesty Phu Ninh Lake Vietnam You Are Fishing For::
Jumping Redtail Catfish,Silver Carp,Tigerfish,Goliath Tigerfish Plus Snakehead,Giant Snakehead,Asian Bighead Carp,Mahseer,
Amur Catfish,Walking Catfish,Grass Carp,Common Carp,Japanese Eel,Talapia,Blue Tilapia,Longnose Sucker,16 Species In Total.

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhK1WVd5GldUguZmg9a ... Q?e=nl1XW9

Sw Wondrous Zesty River Otta Norway You Are Fishing For::
Jumping Roach,Atlantic Salmon,Brookie,Red Rainbow,Arctic Grayling,Northern Pike2 Plus Seatrout,Chum Salmon,Arctic Char,
Vendace,Crucian Carp,Common Carp Light,Ide,Asp,Zander,Carp Bream,16 Species In Total.

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhK1WVd5GldUguZRv8H ... g?e=ehAItp

Sw Wondrous Zesty Saadjarv Lake Estonia You Are Fishing For::
Jumping Northern Pike2,Brown Trout Dark,Red Rainbow,Roach,Lake Trout Plus Common Carp Light,Grass Carp,Zander,Asp,Ide,
Grayling,Wels,Chub,Vendace,Carp Bream,Tench,16 Species In Total.

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhK1WVd5GldUguZVbR7 ... Q?e=0hx47K

Sw Wondrous Zesty Senegal River Mali You Are Fishing For::
Jumping Tigerfish,Giant African Threadfin,Brookie,Red Rainbow,African Pike,Amur Pike,Spotted Bass,Goliath Tigerfsh 2,Arowana,
Silver Carp Plus Nile Perch 2,Amur Catfish,Carp Bream,Grass Carp,Common Carp Light,Blue Tilapia,16 Species In Total.

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhK1WVd5GldUguZNXf2 ... A?e=LHS4cj

Sw Wondrous Zesty Sils Lake Switzerland You Are Fishing For::
Jumping Northern Pike2,Arctic Grayling,Roach,Brook Trout,Lake Trout,Rainbow Trout Plus Wels,Arctic Char,Asp,Zander,
Common Carp,Carp Bream,Barbel,Brown Bullhead,Common Nase,Tench,16 Species In Total.

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhK1WVd5GldUguZavn7 ... Q?e=3WFxD6

Sw Wondrous Zesty Tamblingan Lake Indonesia You Are Fishing For::
Jumping Redtail Catfish,Arowana,Amur Pike,Silver Carp Plus Snakehead,Giant Snakehead,Walking Catfish,Grass Carp,Common Carp Light,
Wild Carp,Asian Bighead Carp,Mahseer,Amur Catfish,Siamese Carp,Talapia,Blue Tilapia,16 Species In Total.

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhK1WVd5GldUp1DPUVM ... m?e=oHCFTI

Sw Wondrous Zesty Tanda Lake Mali You Are Fishing For::
Jumping Tigerfish,Brook Trout,Rainbow,African Pike,Amur Pike,Spotted Bass,Goliath Tigerfish,Arowana,Silver Carp Plus
Nile Perch,Amur Catfish,Grass Carp,Talpaia,Common Carp,Tigerfish,Carp Bream,16 Species In Total.

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhK1WVd5GldUguZSr5v ... w?e=lFfuMG

Sw Wondrous Zesty Tremorgio Lake Switzerland 1
Jumping Noorthern Pike2,Arctic Grayling,Roach,Brook Trout,Lake Trout,Rainbow Plus Wels,Arctic Char,Asp,Zander,
Common Carp,Carp Bream,Barbel,Common Nase,Tench,Brown Bullhead,16 Species In Total.

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhK1WVd5GldUguZbGW6 ... A?e=xYPKBN

Sw Wondrous Zesty Tremorgio Lake Switzerland 2
Jumping Noorthern Pike2,Arctic Grayling,Roach,Brookie,Lake Trout 2,Red Rainbow Plus Wels 2,Arctic Char,Asp,Zander,
Common Carp Light,Carp Bream,Barbel,Vendace,Perch,Black Bullhead,16 Species In Total.

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhK1WVd5GldUguZc-Me ... w?e=6GgtM5

Sw Wondrous Zesty Uneuixi River Plate You Are Fishing For::
Jumping Redtail Catfish,Golden Dorado,Snook,Arapaima,Arowana,Amazon Silver Arowana,Speckled Peacock Bass,Butterfly Peacock Bass Plus
Giant Pacu,Trairao Wolf Fish,Tambaqui,Payara Vampire Fish,Jau,Silver Piranha,Golden Dorado,Pacu,16 Species In Total.

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhK1WVd5GldUp0_EoO1 ... Z?e=Ra03Ve

There You Are Outings Upload Nearly Completed,
Tight Lines To All,
Regards Martin aka Scottish Warrior.
I am so glad to be part of this
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Re: Sw 10 More New Outings

Postby yeoyeo » Sat Jul 10, 2021 7:06 am

Now I'm in exile seein' you out shrimp
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