Mono Lake California " A DEAD LAKE "

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Mono Lake California " A DEAD LAKE "

Postby Scottish Warrior » Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:12 pm

Hi All,
I have had a little chat with Our Stanley regarding this location as this Lake is Acknowledge as"A DEAD LAKE"
Due to the Salinity of the Water No Fish Survive even if it is Re-Stocked by the Californian Fish Department,BUT,
Because this is a Fly Fishing Reality Game(Simulator) I have decided because the Photos of this Location are so Wondrous
that I will Give you all the chance to Fish this Awesome Lake.
I will use my Creators License to build 2 Outings which will include the Following Species::
Jumping Golden Trout,Chinook Salmon,Redband Trout,Lake Trout,Northern Pike2,Bull Trout,Brook Trout,Brown Trout,Rainbow Trout,Mountain Whitefish,
Smallmouth Bass,Largemouth Bass,Striped Bass Plus Lake Sturgeon,Colorado Pikeminnow,White Sturgeon,Bonytail Chub,Lahontan Cutthroat Trout,
Grass Carp,Common Carp,Blue Catfish,Channel Catfish,American Shad,Brown Bullhead,My Selection of available Californian Species.
I hope when they are completed that the Outings turn out to be as good as the photos in each site and NO ONE is offended.
Tight Lines To All,
Regards Martin aka Scottish Warrior.
I am so glad to be part of this
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Re: Mono Lake California " A DEAD LAKE "

Postby Yellowstone7 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:23 pm

Hi Everyone:

Martin and I had a nice chat about the Mono Lake in California. This lake, even devoid of marine life except for an abundance of brine shrimp, is truly one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in our world. I visited this lake when I lived in California and was amazed by the geology, the stunning scenery and the fabulous rock and island formations there. It is a nice body of water but curiously devoid of fish and marine life due to its excessive salinity and alkaline water. The brine shrimp, which grows there in abundance, attracts the most diverse and large bird populations in this part of California. Martin has an excellent eye for great bodies of water from around the world. He has done more than 1500 outings during the past years and thought this lake was too nice to pass up. I'd agree with him and can't wait to see what kind of a great outing he will come up with using pictures from Mono Lake. The Department of Fish and Game in California has tried for many years to make this a fishing lake without success. Now through Martin's magical touches you will not only be able to visit this incredible body of water in California, you can cast a long line with your flyrod and catch some nice California fish as well. This is the magic of a fishing simulator. "Making the impossible possible". How good is that? :P

Personally I have not been making an new fish or outings due to a serious eye problem that I had a few months ago. I am resting them by my doctor's orders. Maybe one day in the future I will get back to making some new fish and outings for your enjoyment. Roger has been the most prolific fisher and poster on our RWFF Forum. I know Roger has been spending a lot of his time taking good care of his family. A fantastic and noble deed. My hat is off to both Roger and Martin for their tireless support of our RWFF Forum. Without their support this Forum would have died off a long time ago.

As I looked at the visit stats in the Development Forum I noticed that there are many visits there to download the various new outings by Martin. Somebody is enjoy the new outings and perhaps fishing them as well. I just wished our members, new and old, would make an occasional post on our Forum to show their support. After all, this Forum belongs to everyone has brought many hours of free fishing pleasure for all of you. Please think about making some posts here to keep it well and alive. :P

Best Regards,

Stanley (Yellowstone7)

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