Horrid Weather Here..So I built a Jumping Spanish Mackerel

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Horrid Weather Here..So I built a Jumping Spanish Mackerel

Postby Yellowstone7 » Fri Mar 18, 2016 8:28 pm

Hi Everyone:

The weather has been absolutely terrible over here in this part of the world. It is muggy, foggy and humid outside and I can hear the distant fog horns from the fast moving mammoth container ships as they blast through the shipping channel at unbelievable speeds. The squid boats are out with their bright fish/squid attracting lights and they have the appearance of little bright jewels floating in the mysterious ocean darkness. This is the great season for squid snagging in HK. I have tried it and it is a lot of fun and plenty of hard work. Them buggers do taste darned good though! (see, I have not lost my Montana accent!) :lol:

Tonight I sat down in front of the computer and gave myself a challenge. I usually go to bed early on Friday nights so I can get up and play golf early in the morning but not today. I chose the beautiful and sleek Spanish Mackerel as my fish building project. These speedy fish are known to school up and they are very aggressive when they are feeding and will slash at, and attack at anything that is shinny and moving. These are also good fighters and jumpers too. Pretty spectacular when you can get yourself into a pack of these toothy aggressors with medium size tackle and you arms and tackle will wear out quickly.

Those who have tried building a fish would know that a longish fish is always hard to do well. The profile pictures that you'd need to build the fish are either beautiful art drawing which sometimes seemed a little lifeless, or caught ones held in the fisherman's hands and arms and the body of the fish is always bent and distorted and obscured by the fisherman's hands. After some searching I finally found a good fish with great coloration and nice marking on its body. But the body of the fish also had some serious contortions to it. Typically with the fronts part of the fish hanging down and the tail drooping while the main portion of the fish's body will be held level by the fisherman. That is called mass and gravity, folks. Long things do hang down on both sides when the middle is held.

I am not a masochist but I revered the challenge that this fish can be built and would come out looking lifelike when caught and seen in the water in our little RWFF software. It took a lot of graphical adjustments, image manipulation but I finally got the body straightened out to my like. The rest then becomes fairly easy. Here you will see the results of my challenge for the night. I hope you guys like it and will be able to catch this beautiful fish soon in the near future. :lol:




NOTE: The Spanish Mackerel is widely distributed all around the world and their sizes varied from location to location. The average maximum length (according to Fishbase) is around 33.5 inches in Europe and Asia. The same fish found in the Southern waters of the USA can achieve a maximum length of a whopping 49.5 .inches! Then there is the "King Mackerel" which can grow to a huge 72.5 inches long! :lol: That might be a good subject for the next build. :twisted: :lol:


Stanley (Yellowstone7)

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Re: Horrid Weather Here..So I built a Jumping Spanish Mackerel

Postby rwwalleye » Fri Mar 18, 2016 10:54 pm

Hi Stanley,
Looks like another excellent job on your part. Weather here is cooling down and in the morning snow then turn to rain. Another excellent job and I know there is a lot more to come along. Roger
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Re: Horrid Weather Here..So I built a Jumping Spanish Mackerel

Postby Scottish Warrior » Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:21 am

Hi All,
As you know I am on Holiday in Philippines and it just shows in the Weather differences only 3 hours away if flying.
The Whole of the Philippines is in a Major Heatwave called El Nino where the Temperatures are Ranging from 31 to 40 Degrees,
This is every day non stop with Humidity Very High and the Long Range Forecast says No Change Until The End Of April,at least,
Main Water Supplies are turned off most of the day,so it is a case of filling big tubs and buckets,it's a hard life,but they survive as best they can.
Thanks again to Stanley for the New Species,they will be well used I am Sure.
I have many New Outings to Post but may wait until my return home before I Post Them,once I have sorted out my e-mail problems.
Back To Outing Building,
Hope the Weather gets better for All,
Regards,Tight Lines,
Martin aka Scottish Warrior
I am so glad to be part of this
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