A Nice Fall Outing to Warm Your Fishing Souls!

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A Nice Fall Outing to Warm Your Fishing Souls!

Postby Yellowstone7 » Sun Jan 24, 2016 8:48 pm

Hi Everyone:

The weather has been doing some extreme things all over the world these days and I hope my friends who live on the East Coast of the US are well dug in and stocked with food and flash light batteries because this area has been hit by some monster snow storms. Power outage in extreme cold weather is a very serious thing and sometimes even life threatening. I hope you have had early warning of this storm and you are well prepared for it. Stay inside, stay safe and stay warm. You guys are on my mind all the time.

Over here in Hong Kong we have just broken a 59 year record for cold temperatures. At the top of the mountain over here they just recorded a minus 6 degrees Celsius with frost on the trees and shrubbery and ice on the roads. This is something unthinkable for a region which is considered Sub-Tropical. At least not until now. Hundreds of people got into their cars and traveled up this mountain to have a first hand look at the freezing frost. Over 150 people had to be rescued off this mountain and more than 40 people ended up in the hospital for hypothermia. People sometimes just have no common sense at all.

I stayed home (and wisely so) for the past few days and got around to finishing up an outing that I was working on a while ago. Paul Kwok, a professional artist and photographer who lives in the Minneapolis area sent me some great Fall pictures of rivers and lakes around his area and I have used them in a 16 scene outing. If there is a fishing capital of the world I think Minnesota will take the top honors. With over 10,000 lakes strewn all over the State, and some great fishing waters within walking distance of the city of Minneapolis this has to be the fishing heaven for avid fisherman. This new outing is called "Minnesota Fall Fishing" has some very nice scene in it. The fish, while active and jumping, are not overly large so you can enjoy the fishing with Medium weight fishing tackle.

I will get this finished up in the next couple of days and I will upload it in the Development Forum for you to enjoy. :lol: You can get a preview of this outing by watching this YouTube video that I just uploaded.



I hope this will bring some warmth and comfort for you guys while you sit around home to wait out the passing of the big snow storm. :lol:


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