Another outing ready to download

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Another outing ready to download

Postby paul » Sun May 28, 2006 6:31 am

You can now download Raccoon Creek to add to the game. Here's the link:

Download the zip file, open it, select "extract all" and pick your "Real World Fly Fishing" folder. Once it's unzipped, you're ready to go. Start the game and in the outing selection screen click "page down" to see this outing.

This outing includes 14 sites on the lower portion of a midwestern spring creek. This stretch flows through private land and has some deep holes that hold some huge browns. There are a few smaller planted brook trout too.

More new outings will be coming soon. The photography is done, so it's just a matter of integration. How about your local waters? We haven't had any photos submitted yet. Care to be the first?

Good luck on Raccoon Creek, and please let me know if you run into any issues. Or if you catch a monster. I broke off on a few big fish testing this outing, and landed a few in the upper teens. Fish over 24 inches are possible in this outing. This add-on does have sound working, unlike the Polis add-on. I've finally gotten to the bottom of the problem with that one and I'll be uploading an updated version of it soon... I promise!

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