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Ice Fishing Derby

It's the fun of ice fishing without the frostbite.

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Pishtech's Ice Fishing Derby puts you on the ice for a five day fishing tournament. Catch panfish, walleyes, pike and trout and earn money for better equipment. Play in Arcade Mode for a casual gaming experience, or in Simulation Mode if you're up for more serious ice fishing.


Realistic, full 3D ice fishing
Simulation mode for serious ice fishing
12:56 PM 1/8/2010 Arcade mode for casual play
A weedy Midwestern lake
A deep, rocky Western lake
Bluegills, crappie, yellow perch, walleyes
Northern pike, rainbow trout and lake trout
First-person view
Down the fishing hole view
Underwater camera view
Entertaining and full of surprises

Click here for an Ice Fishing Derby video
It's a five day fishing derby with big money on the line. The weather's not bad at all for the first day, but the forecast is for steadily falling temperatures. By the last day the cold and wind-chill will be deadly. Fortunately the bait shop sells portable fishing shanties and propane heaters that can protect you from even the worst weather. Now if you can just earn enough money in the first couple of days to afford them. As you catch bluegills, crappie, perch, walleyes and northern pike you'll earn money you can use in the bait shop before you start the next day.

Pishtech's Ice Fishing Derby is full of surprises. Other anglers in the derby may offer you some deals: maybe some bait for a fish, maybe a fish for some propane, maybe and underwater camera for a power ice auger. Or someone may offer to sell you some mysterious bait that's not available in the bait shop.


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