Creating Custom Fish Species for Real World Fly Fishing

What you'll need:
A high-resolution profile image of your fish
A collection of quality photos showing specimens being held, netted or released
An image editor and a fair amount of skill using it
The full version of Real World Fly Fishing, Third Edition
The RWFF Fish Species Creation Kit (link provided below.)

Installing the RWFF Fish Species Creation Kit and RWFF Updates

Note: Tools and documentation are currently in beta testing.

Warning: The tools used in creating new fish for Real World Fly Fishing are fairly user-friendly in most cases, but they may not always handle invalid data gracefully. The tools won't harm your computer, but they may fail without giving a detailed explanation of what went wrong and how to fix it. This will improve over time, but some troubleshooting may be necessary as you learn the process and as the tools continue to develop.

Contact Paul Halter with any questions or comments.

Right click here and save to your hard drive.

Make sure your installation of Real World Fly Fishing is up to version 115 or newer. Older versions will only accept outings published by Pishtech. You can get version 115 with this link:

On to Step 1: Select and prepare a fish profile photo