Fly or material exchange???

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Fly or material exchange???

Postby oxquo » Wed Jan 23, 2008 4:13 pm

I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in a Fly or material exchange. We did this on a fly tying site and it was amazing... We also did a material exchange afterwards where we sent Three lengths of materials each to those who sent us and I ended up with stuff I probably never will tie but have it if I ever need it. As for the flies, we just specified, sizes we fished and wet dry or streamer but any popular fly You used could be sent. I recieved a dogfood pop-up fly which I tie many of now it works like a charm.
Anyways I am sure we are all tier's so if anyone is interested I'd be glad to share a few of My patterns for You to try. I was blown away by the skill of some tier's and recieved a Mayfly that will never hit the water, I am building a case for it. My patterns are effective around here but maybe not the greatest and highest skilled patterns but I'd love to share with anyone who is interested.

Shipping wise, I found that a small film container holds three flies very well and ships very cheap in a bubble pack envelope, if everyone uses the same size envelope the shipping should be fairly even. PM Me if anyone is interested, Maybe it will get Me off the game and onto the vise for a bit LOL. Sincerely John
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Postby dcarp » Wed Jan 23, 2008 6:21 pm


You can count me in for a fly swap. We've actually done a few around here before - although offline. There are several folks here in the community that tie and have been suppliers for the contest prize pool.

Personally, I've swapped flies with Carolmo - she ties up some incredible genuine Catskill Mayflies and also with Bobcat John - he's a spun deer hair bass fly artist! There are several other talented folks here, but I haven't had the good fortune to work any trades with them yet.

I mostly tie Steelhead flies - hairwings, speys and dees.

Now I've got to warn you - around here, if you suggest something - it's the same as volunteering. SO..... you may have just gotten yourself into the role of "RWFF Fly Swap Administrator"!

Anyway, if you get something going, you can put me on the list.

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fly swap

Postby enielson » Wed Jan 23, 2008 8:15 pm

John, I'd also like to be involved if you get a fly swap going... I've several atlantic salmon paterns that I've not been able to full test... :) Maybe someone out there could drag a few for me... :D

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Postby oxquo » Thu Jan 24, 2008 3:29 am

I have no problem with organizing trades, personally I want to put My collected flies in a frame with an old bamboo flyrod so I am not too concerned about what kind they are. I tie mostly carp flies but a few work on walleye and pike as well. I would like to add to My collection of traded flies and add the names of the tiers to My display case of those who tied them.

Anyways, the biggest exchange I have been in so far was 18 people, We traded 3 flies each so it was alot of tying but I have a rack of flies now and some I've had to ask instruction on so I could tie them Myself. The foam popped up corn fly was a design that came from that trade, I changed it to craft balls because they could be scent injected for carp and still popped up with one foam corn.

Anyways, Let's say We let this run till the beginning of February and then we'll exchange info via PM's and mail them off. Personally, I love Salmon flies but they are much to pretty to use lol. Tight lines, John
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