Polish success at the World Championships the Fly Fishing

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Polish success at the World Championships the Fly Fishing

Postby Jyndrek » Thu Jun 12, 2014 4:40 pm

Hi Everyone:

Is with great national prideI wish to inform everyone to this forum about a great
the success of Polish anglers flyfishing http://www.muchowakadrapolski.pl/
therefore the site is in Polish gonna let wearing translate the text (unfortunately per the help of of translator)

Piotr Armatys - Vice WORLD CHAMPION!
In the period from May 27 to June 2 World Championships were held in Fly Fishing in the Czech town of Frymburk on the river Vltawa. Polish team brought with difficult terrain silver medal in the individual classification, title V of the World fell to Peter ARMATYS. The team was ranked eighth. The performance of the whole team to be considered successful and brought a medal is a great success Polish flies.
In this undoubted success earned the whole team and a lot of people who directly or indirectly participated in a good preparation for these specific professions. Brief relationship:
May 22, 2014 the year we go to the World Cup Fly Fishing, place these professions are playing southern Bohemia, and more; Vltava river and two tanks Lipno II and Kvetonov.
Marek Walczyk has appointed the following composition: Piotr Konieczny, Piotr Carrot, Mariusz Szlachetka, Piotr Armatys and Marek Walczyk. Team manager is Igor Glinda, and flies prepares Antoni Bogdan.
After a ten-trip reach the beautifully situated village of Lipno where we inhabit for the duration of informal workouts. Terms and atmosphere in the team is great, so we proceed to the immediate preparation before the competition.
Antek has already prepared much, and on the first day of practice the coach selects the upper section Vlatawy. Place designated by the organizer (unofficial and official training) in this sector is a very short section of the river (about 600m - 800m for 150 players) that do not fully like the competition areas. Overworked this time very well - briefing in the evening, new challenges for Antek, a team to sleep.
The second day we fish on the bottom of the Vltavy. This is the section that is training for the sector 3 and 5 fifth sector, May 7 shall be amended in relation to the first message and moved decisively lower. This part is longer which allows the trainer to the realization of its objectives of training. Here we train catching rainbows (contrary to appearances, catching these fish is not so easy) and white fish (dace, chub, roach), these fish will have important implications for competition, especially on the fifth sector.

so that in Poland also successfully with fly fishing :P

The message this I got from the another Polish champion of this sport , Mr. Adam Sikora - multiannual master of fishing
Lives in Cracow - like our Krzysztof (Savi)

Regard All ;

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Re: Polish success at the World Championships the Fly Fishing

Postby Yellowstone7 » Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:08 pm

HI Jyndrek:

Congratulations to the Poland team. A job well done! Thanks for sharing this great story with us. :P


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