And Now For Something Completely Different ...

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And Now For Something Completely Different ...

Postby Doc » Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:20 am

I don't get much time for making outings so I like to try for a bit of originality. My next outing will feature something like the following :

- a small still water local trout fishery lake
- 4 fishing spots on the lake
- weather and conditions through the day

The lake topography will be consistent from spot to spot i.e. a ledge running N to S would be correctly viewed from a site on the E of the lake

The idea runs as follows :
- you check round the sites 1-4 when you arrive (morning, overcast for example) looking for the best spot, hop from spot to spot as you wish
- then move on to sites 6-9 (site 5 will just be a marker site), conditions will have changed (late morning, sunny for example), check for the best spot etc.

You get the idea, next may be heavy cloud, then rain, then evening for example.

If you have the time you could even time each set of weather to last, say 15 minutes or whatever!

Final idea - I MAY (depends on time) leave this unencrypted with a small programme to just click on to vary the fish content, size etc.

EDIT : this gives rise to the idea of a much bigger project to allow the user to just click a button to reset the conditions so you don't know what to expect next (using a much bigger variety of conditions with a subset being used each time) - a helluvalot of graphic work needed though, as the changing conditions must be suggested by the images. Hmm!

All comments welcome.


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