Homage to Geraldro... the mighty Jumping Bluefin Tuna!

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Homage to Geraldro... the mighty Jumping Bluefin Tuna!

Postby Yellowstone7 » Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:33 pm

Hi Everyone:

There is always a significant change in the history of anything, whether it is science, art, politics, manufacturing, technology and so on. For RWFF the significant change came when one of our older members..Geraldro, published a one scene fantasy outing called "Delires" using the giant tuna as the main fish. This one scene outing sparked a lot of interest and had our members trying to catch the largest possible fish in this outing. Some Tuna's caught were over 80 inches in length! WOW!

Up until this time all the outings in RWFF had relatively smaller sized fish. I think the largest one in our original RWFF outings was the Steelhead at something around 42 inches. A Sturgeon was later created and brought a lot of interest to our game. Geraldro who lives in France, brought us some beautiful outings with exotic fish and fishing destinations. After the "Delires" outing fishing on RWFF would never be the same again! The BIG FISH CRAZE was on! :P

I have not heard from Geraldro for a long time now. The last time I heard from him he had just retired and had moved to live in Central France. He also experienced some health issues and this may explain his absence from RWFF. I hope he is now feeling better now and enjoying retirement life. We miss you a lot, Geraldro, wherever you are. Please drop us a line once in a while. :P

I had always wanted to do a realistic jumping Tuna but good profile pictures of this powerful big fish are surprisingly difficult to find. Maybe it is just too big to fit into the camera frame and most paintings of the Tuna are just too artificial and did not show the true spirit of this powerful giant fish. I finally found one that I could use but had to do a ton of editing so I can get the right proportions for this fish. I thought it came out reasonably well.

Here it is. Geraldro... I hope you will enjoy seeing and using this one in your beautiful and innovative outings.




I will have this fish finished after I find some caught pictures so our RWFF outing makers can use it. :P


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