More Tests On Depth/Fish Depth and Speed..Amazing!

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More Tests On Depth/Fish Depth and Speed..Amazing!

Postby Yellowstone7 » Fri Aug 09, 2013 7:54 pm

Hi Everyone:

It has been ghostly quiet on the Forum as everyone is outside doing things that one usually does in the Summer time, whether it is moving, fishing, building, migrating or whatever. I thought this would be a good time to run some tests to confirm the many possible settings that we can use in our outing building. The results are actually quite interesting.

The way our outing makers set up their outings would have a huge influence on how the outing looks, works and feel to the RWFF fisher. After you see these tests you might say, "Ah, that is why a certain outing acted the way it did!" Maybe after these tests we will have a better understanding of why certain outings acted and fished the way they did. :P

The object of this test is to confirm the effects of using shallow and deeper scene depths and how it affects the behavior of the fish. The cruising speed is important here as it also affects how fast the fish would migrate up to the horizon line, or disappeared below the lake/stream bottom. Please consider these tests to be casual tests and not done under laboratory/scientific conditions.

To conduct this test I used the same fish, the same scenes but deleted the "KEEP CRUISING FISH CLOSE=TRUE" line from the outing.def file. This in fact returned the outing to the default settings before the patch. The results are truly interesting.


In the first test I set the water depth to 2 feet and the fish preferred depth to 6 feet with a cruising speed of 7. The fish migrated up the screen with a speed of spawning salmon heading up the river. A very interesting sight to say the least. (maybe we can use this speed setting in some future Salmon spawning outings?) After less than two minutes all the fish except one disappeared from the scene. Not at the horizon line necessarily but most of them seemed to "sink" through the bottom of the scene and disappeared. This would be the effect if we used fish depths deeper than the water depth. Please see the pictures below.

Image Start scene of fish at 6 feet and water at 2 feet.

Image After two minutes, all fish except one gone.

In the second test I used a water depth of six feet with the fish depth set at 2 feet with a cruising speed set at 7. Ample water depth for the fish setting. After two minutes almost all the fish ended up at the top left corner of the scene. They were still active and feeding on top water flies which were plentiful. However, it will be almost impossible to cast to the fish in some of the scenes at that distance. They are still there but maybe very difficult to reach, or to catch with such a long cast. :P

Image Start of scene with water depth at 6 feet and fish at 2 feet.

Image After two minutes most of the fish are still within the scene.

Please remember that the scene that I used had a flat and even bottom. If you used a contoured bottom in your scenes then many parts of the scene bottom will be too shallow for the fish depth that you have selected and they might just "sink" through the bottom and out of sight. This will be something to keep in mind when setting fish and scene depths.

The conclusion of the test? Always use water depth deep enough for the fish preferred depth setting that you chose for your fish. Too fast of a fish cruising speed might exaggerate fish disappearing problems. I hope this test helped in some small way. :lol: Hope you had some fun watching the short video.


Stanley (Yellowstone7)

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Re: More Tests On Depth/Fish Depth and Speed..Amazing!

Postby Boston Bob » Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:54 pm

Hey Stanley, that was very interesting.
Boston Bob
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