Sorry for my abscence

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Sorry for my abscence

Postby rwwalleye » Fri May 24, 2013 2:38 am

Hi Everyone,
A contest in June sounds great, I've been busy getting prepared for our 4 day Memorial day Weekend. A lot of family coming in and My brother from Kentucky is expecting some good fishing this long weekend, As for Monday, with Bob and I being fellow Marines, it is a day to remember Our fallen Comrades. So if I'm quiet for the next few days everybody will know. Hope everyone is doing fine and Stanley get your rest and take care of them eyes. Thank you also to Doc for the new Chatroom. Sorry I didn't get back to you tonight Doc, just busy, busy, busy. Keep in touch and may have a few posts inbetween. Nice catches also Barry. Everybody take care and will talk to you all real soon and sorry to Barns that your tournaments didn't turn out better, I guess the way it sounds the cold did you in. Roger
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Re: Sorry for my abscence

Postby Doc » Sat May 25, 2013 11:10 am

Hi Roger

Not a problem mate. There are times when thoughts and memories become much more important than day to day stuff - Jeannie's dad fought on the Somme (yes, he was a lot older than her mum!), my dad was a radio op on 1o00 bombers raids in Halifaxes, survived over a 100 raids, Stalag Luft III prisoner, tunneller (Great Escape), Polish death march etc. etc. We have several times a year when we get reflective. It is good to remember, but not easy.

Dave (Doc)
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