VRSportfishing-Still the Best

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VRSportfishing-Still the Best

Postby Fisherman » Mon Mar 14, 2016 7:30 pm

Man, is this getting nostalgic or what? World Tour, Fishing Planet, Fishing Resort... I've tried them all. VR Sportfishing is STILL the BEST! Despite the lack of any further development whatsoever, I still come back to this forum, and this game. None of the other fishing games capture what this game has, for ease of use and realism...
Paul, I don't know why you decided to forgo further work on this game. Yeah, I read the forum post, but, I believe there is more to it. Won't you give the public, your public, what they want? You must have very personal reasons besides money, but I, and many others, wish you would reconsider. We're like little kids who got to eat the best cookie ever, and now are forced to stare hopelessly into the bakery window, standing out in the cold snow...
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