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Hello There

Postby GreatBighorn » Sat Aug 19, 2017 1:03 am

Hello guys, new blood here in VR Sportfishing.

I bought VRSF about a week even i knew that it's dead (i read all the topics about) since i fell in love with this sim from the first time, back to 2012 when i played the demo version. I know this game is an old one now and the FP maybe gives you one of the best virtual fishing experience but really i didn't found besides in VRSP that freely boat driving, fishing while trolling, the drag effect mouse moving, the amazing fish AI and coding, the realistic implement of fish numbers, schools & spawns and so many other stuffs - all these INTO a fully simulator game type! Even visual, this game has some physics and reflections that really still hooked me badly even in 2017 - i can't explain why it feels so real when you watching that fish swimming under that water refraction visual effect. ...And when you working that totally free twitching and that popper dance again and again without success... Boom... the largemouth hammered it and got that splash from nowhere! Really some things in VRSP are totally unique and so strange-smart implemented. I can say the only missing part for me is that record catches log and the multi player features or at least some players tournament/ or lifetime leader board competition along with some chat possibility even if you run the game in single player.

So i'm glad to be here - even if the forum is dead as well but if someone is still here and like to talk, share, discuss, revive some good old days lol i'm glad to help for that!

I play fishing/ hunting simulator games from my youth (32 now) and i saw dozens of failed or cheap tries, so THIS one truly was/is a good one for me so i liked to show to Paul/ devs that the people still support the worthy efforts!

Thank you all & be well :)
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Re: Hello There

Postby paul » Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:03 pm

I'm happy to hear VRS still has a fan or two out there! I don't play it anymore myself only because the 3D engine doesn't display correctly on my own computer, and the 3D engine isn't supported so there's no way for me to fix it. I should try it on my laptop again, though.

I do still plan to leverage a lot of the work that went into that game when creating a new mobile game, but I doubt it will have the 3D freedom of the original, just due to the limited processing power of most mobile devices. Perhaps the time will come when I can port the whole thing to a different 3D engine and get back to working on it. I had a lot of fun creating that game...

Thanks for the post!

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