is there something on that is causing the small perchh size

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is there something on that is causing the small perchh size

Postby spadekevin » Sat Jul 21, 2018 8:42 am


I've ice fished Eloika for near 12 years, with a huge 8 year absence due to work relocation. This year, plus nearly all feedback last year, indicates that Eloika may be on a decline. That is, with respect to perch populations/size. Last year, through the ice, I caught some very nice crappie (13"+), plus some nice largemouth bass. However, the perch size was quite small, and the numbers similarly small. This year, multiple reports seem to indicate that my experience was not unusual.
Now I recognize that yellow perch in WA is always a dicey prospect, with decent size fish hard to come by, and highly dependent upon finding the right school or location.

That said, what is all y'all's (just moved from VA) opinion on Eloika? Is is observation bias, or is there something going on that is causing the small perch size??
Please help.

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Thank you.
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