River Glazert Scotland on V.120

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River Glazert Scotland on V.120

Postby Yellowstone7 » Fri Feb 27, 2009 3:40 am

Hi All:

I am still running RWFF V.120. :D Downloaded Barns' new outing, River Glazert Scotland, revised edition. I am please to report that the outing seems to work just fine except for a small glitch in the first scene. There seemed to be five or six flyboxes running around under the water. I think this is due to a corrupted, or missing fish file? (thanks Richard for teaching me this, hehe). However, when I cycle the scenes back and forth this seemed to go away. So the fish files must be all there but there is some problem with the opening scene No. 1? Caught a nice brown with my first cast. Great fun!

Other than this small problem, I wish to offer Barns my congratulations for producing such an outstanding outing in his first attempt. The pictures are truly beautiful and has a nice variety and character. Wish I could do this well when it come time for me to do a few outings of Hong Kong waters. Great job, Barns. :D

Better get to the office before my secretary fires me. It is Friday, you know. :)


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