Hatchings and Tying

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Hatchings and Tying

Postby seafisher » Fri Dec 05, 2014 3:53 am

Well im new to the game and enjoying it greatly.

Iv'e got to that stage where im playing about with it now. Installed add on's , changed the music in the start up menu(sigur ros) , downloaded customized hatches box etc etc.

And there's now a whole load of little things that have entered my head which i want to change and modify.

One thing in particular was that when fishing, I will check the hatches, pull up a bug or other, and find that the best fly is sometimes rather dull, so i make it my intention to make a better version after fishing. But when i come around to tying , i cant remember the full details, if any of what it was i wanted to imitate.

What i'm thinking is a small hatches library or encyclopedia which is accessible to view on the fly tying screen in the abundant space on the tying screen. So that you can look at real images of the critters whilst creating your flies.

Has anyone came up with anything similar ?

If not any suggestions on where to start or foreseeable problems ?
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Re: Hatchings and Tying

Postby Yellowstone7 » Fri Dec 05, 2014 4:52 pm

Hi Seafisher:

Yellowstone7 here, a big welcome to our Forum. I am glad you are enjoying the many great features RWFF has to offer to customize your fishing experience, and also the ability to create many new and innovative items for your own game. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and abilities. :lol:

You have a very good point about having something to look at while tying your flies for the fly folder. To incorporate a view of the food item (mayflies, minnows, caddis fly, sculpins, etc) into the RWFF flytying screen will be a software update project for Paul, the creator of the game. I am sure Paul is watching this and he might come up with something in future versions or updates.

The idea of a food library is also a good one but unfortunately we don't have one right now. Maybe one day we will get the club house going again and capable people like Richard or Barns can build a "bugs" library showing all the different food items that we have.

For right now in order to view the various minnows and insect we need to go to the "food" library where you will find two bitmaps of the items within the food file. Those are the images that you see when you click on the Hatch on the RWFF fishing screen. Other people might have a different way of doing this but this is what I do when I want to view the food item while tying the custom fly for it.

1)Go to the food library and find the item that you want to create. (In my example I have chosen the Sculpin). Make a screen capture of the Sculpin and put it on your desktop.


2)Start the RWFF program in normal mode (not wide screen mode) and go to flytying screen, then open the image file of the food item and place it along side the RWFF screen. Now you will be able to work on the flytying while having the food item in full view. :lol: This is not the perfect solution but it does allow you to see the food item that you are trying to imitate. :P


I realize this does not fully answer your question but this is the best we can do right now without a software rewrite from Paul. Have fun creating your own custom flies and you are welcome to share your creations with us on the Forum.


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