SITE EVOLUTION Is Here - Download Now!

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SITE EVOLUTION Is Here - Download Now!

Postby Doc » Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:46 pm

Hi guys

SITE EVOLUTION is here ready for download now!

Just download, unzip and put the folder anywhere on your computer. To see how powerful this is, look in the Output folder (empty), run the exe file, enter a nuber of sites, min/max number of fish in a site and hit Evolution, then check the Output folder!!! These could be made to fit your desired sites!


Introduction & Help

The RWFF Site Evolution programme is designed to create the fish.def and hatches.def files for up to 24 sites, each site being created as an evolution from the previous ones.

As you move from one to the next, groups of fish move away or change in behaviour or size, they may go deeper, be less hungry, move around less etc. etc. The situation evolves. Other groups move in. The food items also change behaviour as the day goes on.


Various ideas come to mind:
(1) you can produce an outing very quickly based on one site used several times. This would give the impression of fishing a site evolving as you fish, giving the variations you might find in a day's fishing at one spot.

(2) you could produce an outing using various sites along a river

(3) I use this now for 1 site Challenges. Every time a fish is caught the Challenge moves you on to the same site but with the fish/food having evolved - just like fishing in one spot for a while!

OK, How Do I Do All Of This?

- you make a special fish.def file, named genfish.def

- you make a special hatches.def file, named genhatches.def
and put them both in the EVOLUTION folder

- you run the EVOLUTION programme and hit the Evolution button

All done! You have a full set of evolved fish and hatches files for all of your sites in the Output Files folder. Just rename them and put them in your site folders.

How Do I Make The genfish.def File?

Here is a typical fish group you might normally use, but the values have slightly different meanings but these are simple:

QUANTITY shows how common this specie is.

All of the others show the most extreme value you want to be found in any of the generated sites

QUANTITY=1 (1 to 5, 1=rare, 5=frequent)
MIN LENGTH=19 (smallest in outing for this specie)
MAX LENGTH=30 (largest in outing for this specie)
SPOOKINESS=60 (the highest value in outing for this specie)
ACTIVITY=50 (the highest value in outing for this specie)
SELECTIVITY=70 (the highest value in outing for this specie)
CRUISING SPEED=5 (the highest value in outing for this specie)
CRUISING PAUSE=18 (the highest value in outing for this specie)
DEPTH=3 (the highest value in outing for this specie)
MAYFLY = 40 (the highest value in outing for this specie)
MINNOW = 30 (the highest value in outing for this specie)

Include ONE group for each specie of fish that might occur in this outing, leaving a blank line after each specie including the last one!

NOTE : MIN/MAX LENGTH are for the whole outing and is a wider range than you normally use. The programme will chose size ranges for each group from within that larger range.

You can make the files in notepad or any text editor - also you can make them in the programme and save them using the buttons!

Making The genhatches.def File

Again, quite simple, same principles!

FOOD NAME = mayfly03
LENGTH = 0.7
WIDTH = 0.2
HATCH INTENSITY = 3 (the highest value in outing for this food type)
FEEDING INTENSITY = 90 (the highest value in outing for this food type)

- Leave a blank line after each type including the last one!

Make sure you include a food item for each general food type you included in your genfish.def file!

Finally A Hint About Default Food Values

If you put a hatches file in your outing's main folder area with the full list of food types and all values set to 0 then 0 will become your default value. The values for food items in site01 will all be zero except for those stated in site01's fish.def file.

Your fish will now only be feeding on the items you selected.

Some like to set all the defaults to 10 so that fish will feed on the items in the fish.def file to the value stated, and they will also be slightly tempted to everything else. The choice is yours!

Have fun - amd please pm let me have feed-back.


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