New Outing BD Glenfarg part 1

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New Outing BD Glenfarg part 1

Postby Barns » Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:30 pm

Hi All crazy fishers especially Stanley ( pal )

I have not been creating outings for quite a while as been so busy on other things for clubhouse. I had got so frustrated with what i was doing i decided to have a break.
This new outing is set in the Perthshire hills of Scotland. It was during late Summer my mate said we should have a days fishing, so he went through a pocket book we have in office and picked this place to go.
When we arrived we couldn't beleive our eyes, the Loch looked beatiful, we were so high up we felt as if we could touch the clouds.

You will be fishing for ,Brown Trout, Blue Trout, Golden Trout,Rainbow Trout,Tiger Trout , Steelhead and Grass Carp.

Now Especially for Stanley, no need for your big heavy rod, i want to see light weight rod and nylon. Call this your new Stanley special. I have put a bit more thought into this one, just for you.

To download this outing please go to clubhouse. Already updated. Please also download new food files. And any new fish.

Good Luck to all and enjoy.

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Re: New Outing BD Glenfarg part 1

Postby Yellowstone7 » Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:17 am

Hi Barns:

I have had too much salt water fishing lately. Tired of rinsing out my reels and rods after each fishing trip. A bit of Scottish highlands fishing sound just perfect right now! :lol: I will download your new creation and give it a go sometime this evening. I will expect it to be beautiful, and hard. :P I still remember your previous "Stanley Pond" where I had to tie a "bomb" fly to finally catch a fish! :lol: :lol:



Stanley (Yellowstone7)

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