A Suggestion for Club House Fish Species Downloads

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A Suggestion for Club House Fish Species Downloads

Postby Yellowstone7 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:43 am

Hi Richard and Barns:

I was looking through the new features in the new RWFF Club House and I was so very impressed with the streamlined features and also the tons of works that has gone into it. My compliments and my hat is off to both of you. These new features should make life a lot easier for the new comers and old members alike.

I was wondering that while you are redoing most of the features in the Club House, would it be possible to reorganize the Species downloads and separate them into two categories? Like one of the salt water ocean fish and the other for the fresh water species? This will do two things for the people who use RWFF.

1) If people download the Fresh Water outings, like lakes, streams, ponds, etc they would know which fish files they would need. Likewise for the ocean, or salt water outings. They would go and download the Salt Water species.

2)If a creator wish to create a fresh water outing, they would then go through the fresh water fish files and find the ones appropriate for their new outing. The Salt Water outing creator can do the same. There would be no " 3 stickle back" in a salt water outing like I once did. :lol: :lol:

These fish files are fairly large in size, unlike the food and sound files. Maybe these fish files, after separating them into the above two categories, can be made into two or three large files according to their date of creation. This way if the user downloads a later outing they would know to get the latest fish files.

This is just an idea and a suggestion and I would like to hear other people's thought on this. Many thanks for the fantastic work and effort on behalf of all of us who have so much fun here. :P :P


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