Sw Well, Well, Well.

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Sw Well, Well, Well.

Postby Scottish Warrior » Thu Oct 08, 2009 8:52 am

Hi All I have just sent a copy of a PM sent to me by reelfish074 to PAUL which totally disgusted me,in this PM reelfish074 clearly states that richardwest and barns are making me ,then tells me he has caught an oversized Golden Trevally in Great Barrier Reef outing ,I am not worried about that, what worries me is that 2 members of this forum can be so bloody minded as too set someone else up to do the complaining, and looking at other postings from reelfish074 regarding my outings it is pretty obvious to me that reelfish074 is going through all my outings as a favour to them to find all the mistakes.
People like you two who are supposed to be above reproach, but you don't have the balls to face me, spoil everything that is good about this game,you disgust me with your attitude to other members,you are no better than me or anyone else on this forum, though I dont presume to be perfect, you obviously do.
I will now send a e-mail to Paul which will repeat evey 30 minutes until I get an answer, and am damn sure he will agree with me that your actions are of the lowest form on a forum that is supposed to represent friendship and help for anyone who joins it,you make that a JOKE.
I am so glad to be part of this
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Re: Sw Well, Well, Well.

Postby richwest » Thu Oct 08, 2009 9:13 am


The way you put this, is not correct, I and Brian are not setting up against you or your outings,
I sure have balls enough to let you know when something is wrong with it.

I sure did not ask reelfish to fish all your outings to test for errors or faults.

I only asked him to reply to you for oversized fish he was catching in some of your latest outings.
I also did to you as a friend and i asked Shane to ask you to go trough your latest creations to check for oversized fish, so you can correct.
I only stated that i do not fish all your outings because i like to have some more difficult ones, i sure don't want you or your outings to look rediculous, because they and you aren't.

And I sure aren't perfect and i quote I never said I am. I sure like your scenes and i appreciate your effort in creating your outings I would be very happy if i could find as nice pictures as you do.

I always send you a message if i think i see something which needs some more attention.
I do not post those on forum just to give you the opportunity to correct if needed, so others will not be aware and they will only give you credits for correcting.

Regards Richard
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Re: Sw Well, Well, Well.

Postby Scottish Warrior » Thu Oct 08, 2009 9:32 am

Have you got a copy of the PM by reelfish074 if not I will send it to you
I am so glad to be part of this
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Re: Sw Well, Well, Well.

Postby Barns » Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:50 am


I am sorry you feel this way , but on no account did i ask reelfish to fish all your outings to try and find faults. It just so happens the last 2 nights he has been fishing on-line and on both occasions has caught 2 over sized fish. I read your last post yesterday which asked if anyone had a problem they were to contact yourself.

I believe this is what reelfish has done so whats the problem.

I have not seen the pm he sent you so i cannot comment any further. And for being perfect , i certainly aint.

As like Richard , i also like the scenes you use in your outings, but i also like something a bit harder to fish. There are plenty of people out there enjoy your outings.

I have nothing against you or your outings. If i have something to say to you, as in past i will do. I will not get someone else to do my dirty work for me.


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Re: Sw Well, Well, Well.

Postby paul » Thu Oct 08, 2009 2:05 pm

I have no doubt this has simply been a misunderstanding. Having seen the PM in question I think Reelfish074 was just trying to report an issue he encountered while enjoying an SW creation, and that Richwest and Barns had pointed out that the most appropriate way to let a content creator know about a potential issue is through a private message. I can also see how one could misconstrue the message and get the impression that they Reelfish074 was looking for problems at Richwest and Barns's request, though I'm sure that was not the case.

I'm certain that no ill-will was intended by anyone here, and that everyone was trying to handle things appropriately. A few words that are taken the wrong way can create a huge mess and a lot of hard feelings. That's especially true when we're dealing with people around the world with different native languages, cultures, etc. Even among those of use who speak English there can be a big difference in how a few words are taken.

Case in point: "Pish" is a nickname of mine from college, and it started when a friend described me as "Paulish", that is, looking or acting like I usually do. That somehow caught on, making an adjective of my name, and it once got abbreviated in a note "P'ish", and suddenly my nickname was "Pish". When I needed a name for my software company I wanted something short, unique, easy to remember, etc., and that's where Pishtech came from. Now for the bit about miscommunication between cultures: I've since learned that in Scotland "pish" is slang for urine. You've probably heard how the Chevy car "Nova" was hard to market in Mexico since the name could be taken to mean "won't go" in Spanish, but here is a case of the name of the company itself being borderline obscene in another English speaking country.

The bottom line here is that we all need to keep in mind that what we say and what is said to us in a global community like this can have unintended implications. I hope we can all move on and continue to enjoy each others company and contributions.

Tight lines,

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Re: Sw Well, Well, Well.

Postby geraldro » Thu Oct 08, 2009 2:25 pm

Hi Paul,

Image ImageImage Image

Hi Martin,

Image Image Image



Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
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