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Help save Windows XP

Postby paul » Wed Jan 16, 2008 2:54 pm

If you prefer Windows XP to Windows Vista there's an on-line petition you can sign asking Microsoft not to discontinue XP. They currently plan to quit selling XP this year. I signed the petition because I find XP performs better for many purposes, and some of the software utilities I use run poorly or not at all on Vista. Pishtech will of course continue to support Vista, but we hope XP also continues to be available.

Remember when Coca Cola changed their recipe and the customers liked the old one better? Customers rejected the new recipe and the company switched back, and now they have only the origal Coke "Classic". Lots of people have upgraded to Vista or bought a new PC with Vista, then switched back to XP. I can't imagine Microsoft giving up on Vista, but in my opinion it's a really bad idea to scrap XP at this time. This petition gives people the chance to voice their opinion and maybe if enough people sign it Microsoft will admit that there are advantages to XP that justify it's continued existence. Here's the link:

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PS - Shopping for a new PC but don't want Vista? You can still buy a machine with XP from Dell, but only the business models are offered that way. If you shop for their "home and home office" machines, you'll see models that come only with Vista. For example, the Inspiron laptops come with Vista. If you shop for Dell's business machines, you'll find their business equivalent to those models. Instead of Inspiron laptops with Vista, you'll find very similar Vostro laptops with a choice of Vista or XP.
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