Help: Top of screen flashes, very slow animation and mouse

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Help: Top of screen flashes, very slow animation and mouse

Postby Fly Doc » Thu Feb 07, 2008 9:43 pm

Help! I downloaded the demo for RWFF Version 3 last weekend, and then immediately played it. Loved it. But, ever since, it has not worked well--certainly not as well as it did that first day. The issue is very slow animation and mouse movements and overall control, while the entire top of the screen flashes (where all of the buttons are, i.e., quit, options, etc. up top). This only occurs when I am at a fishing site--not on the other screens that have buttons and background photos. When I look closely at the top of the screen, the flash appears to be the top of another window: on the left, it says "Real World Fly Fishing," and on the far right is a red box with an "X" in it (i.e., to close the window). I've tried clicking on this bar and on the "X", but nothing changes. Given the similarity of this problem to the Vista Sidebar problem, I ensured that Sidebar is not enabled, but this problem persists. Any ideas?

My system is as follows:
Toshiba Satellite A-135 Laptop
1.73 GHz processor
1 GB memory
80 GB hard drive
Windows Vista Premium

I will appreciate your help! I'd love to be able to purchase this game, but of course am hesitant unless this will work on my computer / system...


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Postby wasteelhunter » Thu Feb 07, 2008 10:00 pm

Disclaimer: I am by no means a tech support guru, but I had this same problem and this is how I fixxed it.

First thing you might want to check is background programs. Namely any downloaders as these can cause quite a few problems by eating up system resources, especially the windows updates which can bog down just about any machine. This is what my problem turned out to be as once the downloader finishes it immidetally tries to run its updates which can cause the windowed mode appearance. This can also be caused by an antivirus running a system check or any number of other things (those are the big 2)

A few times I've gotten the choppy animations after playing for a while (30+ min), simply close out and restart and everything has been fine.

Hopefully it clears up for you, RWFF is a great game with an excellent community and worth every penny I spent on it IMO.
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Postby Fly Doc » Fri Feb 08, 2008 2:25 am

Still having same problems...ARGH. Thanks for the suggestion and try, though!

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Postby Hitman » Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:35 pm

I had this as well. It's easily solved, before you play just turn off the Vista side-bar at the right side of the screen :wink:
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Re: Help: Top of screen flashes, very slow animation and mouse

Postby officially4h » Tue Oct 01, 2019 4:31 pm

Graphics flicker (windows, tooltips, etc.). For example when I open the applications menu and close it while my mouse is hovering over the menu, then I will see the menu flicker. This also happens with context menus, tooltips, and basically anything that

Steps to reproduce
Update to Cinnamon 4.0.0 on Arch. Here is one way of triggering it:

Place mouse where the applications menu will appear when you open it.
Open the applications menu.
Close the applications menu.
Move the mouse.
You will now see the applications menu flickering for a few frames and then it disappears.

Note that this does not happen when the mouse is not in the region where the applications menu will appear. So if I have my mouse on the right side of the desktop and I open and close the menu, then there will be no flickering.

Another method is to open Nemo and drag the window around. You will see flickering (old contents of the Nemo window) where the window was a few frames before.

Expected behaviour
No flickering.

Other information
This started happening after I updated to Cinnamon 4.0.0.

I have tried using uxa and sna as AccelMethod, since in mutter (and muffin) it's known that sna can cause screen tearing. uxa is a bit slower but does not have screen tearing, but it does not stop the flickering.

Interestingly enough, I wanted to record my desktop to show the effect, but when during recording there was no flickering. After I stopped recording, Cinnamon crashed and asked if I wanted to restart Cinnamon. Scrolling in my browser (Vivaldi) also does not cause any flickering or other artifacts.

Also, software rendering does not have this problem (but of course is laggy).
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