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New patch available

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 12:44 pm
by paul
Update 105 is available on the downloads page. It solves a problem on some machines of the game freezing on the first run after a reboot, and also when other programs are running at the same time. If you're having any problems with the game mysteriously stopping, it's probably due to other processes taking over resources the game was using, but this patch ought to clear that up.

Also the next add-on will be coming soon. It's the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park.


Firehole River

PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2006 1:43 am
by skibumbill
I can't wait to fish the firehole. Are you going to set it up for Springtime fishing (Late May and June)? I love fishing the river in real life. At least I will be able to fish Yellowstone all year now.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2006 2:24 am
by paul
The Firehole was shot in June, and set up to represent the fishing the way it was at that time. Some of the other rivers in Yellowstone were still higher than the ideal level at that point, but the Firehole was in great shape. Still, I shot the Madison, Gibbon, Lewis and a couple of the smaller streams, so outings on those will be coming too.