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Score Log

PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 2:09 am
by Bobcat John
Ihave upgraded to a new computer that has vista home perium.
I have installed and reinstalled RWWF and the RWFF 114 upgrade everything works fine but I can't find the score log I'm at lost can you help ne through this I will be putting the Wii remote back in and giving a work out If I can catch the 37" steelhead again Like I did Last Night it sure took awhile.


PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 8:41 pm
by paul
Please try installing the game to a different directory than the default. You might want to install it in c:\rwff. Vista can be a little overprotective of programs writing to the "c:\program files" directory. Maybe it's blocking the creation of the log file. Another thing to check is to make sure you're not fishing in cheater mode. When cheating is enabled it won't create fish or score codes, so it won't log them. Also, what build number is shown on the main menu screen?


Score log

PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 2:52 am
by Bobcat John
Thanks Paul
Putting RWFF out side of programs worked I now have the score log I was using build 70813 and Iwas not using cheater mode I only have one name for users I'm like Cutch when I go fishing I can't use a cheater mode so I won't use it in this game. Now I can go back after that 37" steelhead on the dechutes again. Thanks again fort the fast help.